Changelog EA BETA v1.9 to v2.0

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Changelog EA BETA v1.9 to v2.0

Post by lordzimoa » Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:26 pm

Patch EA 1.9 to 2.0 notes:

New Engine:
The game now runs on an OpenGL based rendering engine, in addition to the rendering changes, a great deal of the underlying engine code has been modified to create a more stable, smoother experience for everyone.

User Interface:
Title screen is now animated
Placeholder art replaced
All lists and texts now support scrollbars when needed
New text rendering system
Improved on-map realm names
Political map view - now appears on the main map
Relations map view - now appears on the main map
Relations map view - now has on-map buttons to interact with realms
Added Economic map view (replaces upgrade mode)
All map modes now have instructions and a colour key
Improved realm selection - added list of realms
Improved realm selection - uses higher quality map
Improved realm selection - allows scrolling and zooming
Auto Battle - updated layout of armies
Auto Battle - made it clearer who is fighting whom
Info panels (armies, spells, etc) have all been cleaned up
Foreign Affairs - Improved resources list
Foreign Affairs - Improved "Current Trade" information
Promotions - promoted units now appear in a list
Campaign Objectives - all objectives now support numerical progress

AI Players:
The AI has been heavily modified, and realms should act more in line with their expected personalities now - for example, Jotland and Vessoi will actively attempt to obtain the totems to call the horde.

Auto Battle:
The auto battle changes are not just aesthetic, the armies are lined up in formation (infantry in front, archers/ranged behind, cavalry on the flanks). This affects how they fight as well as looking better.

In addition, the way targets are chosen in auto battle has been improved - the AI will no longer select targets based on only their combat stats, but will also consider the amount of damage which will be dealt.

Trading and Treaties:
The trade system has been overhauled - when a trade is offered, all negotiation is done instantly, no more waiting for your agent to travel across the world first. Once trade is negitiated, the deal is finalised immediately.

Agents still play a part, as they must transport the goods agreed in the trade, this means that while the deal is agreed on instantly, the actual goods may still take several turns to arrive - the progress of the agents can be seen in Foreign Affairs under the Current Trade tab.

Unit Promotions:
Unit promotions are no longer random. Units will instead gain XP as they participate in battles (visible on their unit info cards). When they have enough, they are promoted. It now takes longer to get 4 medals for a unit, but it is a more predictable system.

A lot of small changes to game balance have been made, and the special class abilities have been tweaked somewhat, in particular, cavalry charge will now be less effective in rougher terrains, and shield wall is less powerful than it used to be.

Bugs and Crashes:
We have fixed a great number of the bugs and crashes which were present in 1.9, this should result in a much more stable experience. As always, if you do run into any bugs, let us know using the bug report tool or on the forums.

Fixes EA 2.0 upto version 1022:

Fixed graphical glitching on the map for some players
Changed trade table titles to be clearer
Unit deployment now allows deploying multiple units at once
Select All/None buttons removed from enemy stacks
Fixed being able to select/deselect units in enemy stacks
Updated treasury tooltip to include magic expenses
Clicking items in province/army list now selects and moves camera
Fixed missing scrollbar in province descriptions
Fixed possible crash when a unit which made a suicidal attack is selected during death animation
Fixed crash when unit retreats onto a tile which has a VP
Fixed random crash on quit
Fixed objectives vanishing when loading a saved game
Fixed crash if unit with OVerrun makes suicidal attack
Added more info to provinces list
Added economy upgrade buttons to provinces list
Updated resource cost on training page to also show your current stockpile
Fixed crash when checking ofr Auxiliary units
Fixed crash on province list when units are at sea
Fixed missing tooltips on hero promotions dialog
Fixed retreating attackers sometimes retreating to incorrect provinces
Fixed crash when removing Fell Mists if a unit died while under effect of the spell
Restored Terrain and Income to province description
All references to magoc XP should now be Research Points
Restored marketplace button to resources pull-out panel
Added interactive map buttons in Political mode
Fixed issues with button tooltips in political and relations modes
Added a list of your units held prisoner by other realms to the lists pull-out
Added province income to info panel and economy tooltip on map
Restored Disband Unit button to unit info card
Modified Wood Lore description to be clearer
Fixed bug allowing Wood Lore to be cast on non-forest provinces
Fixed missing owner flags on units in tactical battle
Desaturated green deployment zones in tactical battle
Fixed bug allowing AIs to rarely deploy too many elite, unique or auxiliary units
Fixed grammar issue - "Rebels is on the move!"
Fixed possible crash when AI attempts to cast Thievery
Fixed allied provinces being annexed by units passing through
Quitting tutorial no longer leaves parts of the UI unusable
Fixed issue causing units not to die when loading a game mid-battle
Fixed possible crash when AI deploys hero to stack in ally province
Fixed possible crash when disbanding units
Fixed rare crash in autobattle
Fixed crashes caused by AI trying to put too many units into a province
Fixed tutorial opening objectives panel with no objectives present
Fixed tutorial showing "Rivalry" popup message
Fixed tutorial showing same message twice
Fixed tutorial being blocked on foreign relations
Fixed battle crash when irregulrar hit by damage from sources other then units
Increased AI speed
Fixed crash when modifying province lust multiple times (dunmar campaign)
Fixed crashes when packing or unpacking units in battle
Fixed possible issue when using the Necropolis power with 20 units already on the field
Move camera objective in tutorial now updates when moving with arrow keys or edge scroll
Move camera objective in tutorial now updates text correctly
Move camera objective in tutorial requirement reduced
No longer possible to select/move/attack with units in tactical tutorial at the wrong time
Revolts no longer possible during tutorial
Highwatch now functional in tutorial
The Abyss now functional in tutorial
Shortcut keys 1-8 now toggle their respective panels correctly
Fixed formatting error in unit disband message
Added cost of upgrading tooltip to economy buttons on map in economy mode
Fixed bug causing crashes when quitting game/quitting to menu
Possible fix for tooltip text
Fixed incorrectly displayed Resources panel
Fixed bug causing flashing provinces to keep flashing after quit to menu
No longer possible to dismiss a choice dialog by clicking outside of it
Arrow key scrolling now working on battle map
No longer able to open locked panels in tutorial by clicking event messages
Fixed hero deploy mode persisting after quit to menu
Right click now deselects armies you do not own
Unit card correctly removed when unit is disbanded
No longer possible to disband units in tutorial
Fixed some missing highlights in tutorial
Fixed some incorrect highlights (round highlight on square button) in tutorial
Stack highlights now flash like others
Another possible fix for text blurring issues
Canceling an agent will now correctly update the rest of the Foreign Affairs screen
Fixed background scaling issue on marketplace form
Fixed duplicate unit icons appearing after quit to menu from battle
Fixed mouse getting stuck after camera move tutorial
Fixed crash if The Abyss kills the last unit in a stack
Prevented hero offer at location in tutorial which can block progression
Fixed crash caused by disposed UI elements
Prevented AI from using Hero cards in battle multiple times
Disabled menu button text readability improved
Added highlight to eligible armies when deploying hero in tutorial
No longer possible to use shortcut keys to break the tutorial
Fixed possible crash when attacking a 20-unit army in tutorial
Improved visibility of highlights on units in battle tutorial
Added additional checks to settings to reduce cases of corrupted data


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