Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:45 am

EA2 Beta Updated!

The EA2 beta has been updated to build 1125, if you are already on the beta branch this will be automatic. IF you are not, and wish to try it, instructions are here: ... 608282178/

Patch notes 1123:

Fixed text render errors on at least some computers
Game no longer crashes if trying to set an impossible full screen resolution (falls back to windowed)
Fixed possible crash when closing settings screen
Fixed possible crash in Jara Doom
Fixed crash caused by realm name rendering
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Re: EA2 Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:27 pm

Hi guys,

This is a massive patch, focusing on user experience issues, and bug fixes.

There are a total of 60+ changes in this update. As well as a number of fixes to the UI (especially in tactical battles), there are also 3 new unit types which you can earn (one for Ladvia and 2 for the Boruvian Empire) by meeting particular goals.

There are still a few outstanding issues, we are well aware of, but little by little one travels far, so we will address those in the next patch along with anything new you guys discover and report asap.

Complete patch 1156 notes:

Fixed incorrect pathing allowing attacks from harbours to landlocked provinces
Fixed crash when clicking delete on load game screen with no save selected
Fixed crashes when packing/unpacking units under some conditions
Fixed crash when fearsome unit dies while attacking
Fixed Info toggle in tactical battle not working
Increased animation speed of Hero cards in battle
Increased text size on Hero cards
When AI asks you to join allied war, it will now actually declare war
Fixed tactical battle speed setting
Fixed unique units appearing as if you have one already when it is dead
Improved ownership flags in tactical battle
Fixed broken Anti-Aliasing settings
Fixed Recon unit ability not granting additional move
Fixed missing attack/move indicators in tactical battle
Code of War restriction no longer applies when counter-attacking your own province
Improved various on-map icons, especially with regards to mouseovers not working
Bottom area in battle now reacts to mouseovers and clicks
Enemy units in battle can now be selected, allowing inspection of their stats and abilities
Select Previous/Next unit buttons no longer reset every time no unit is selected
Economy mode button is now below the minimap (like the old upgrade button)
Provinces can be upgraded from the Provinces List
Provinces can be upgraded from their info cards
All province upgrade icons/buttons now have tooltips
Reduced default audio volume
Audio volume setting now works in 1% increments
Fixed crash on exit caused by sound system
Increased text size on "select your realm" list
Realm select screen no longer fades out the realm names when zoomed in
Deploying Units by clicking directly on the target army now works
Increased text size on most of the pull-out panels
Fixed placement issues on purchase screen when large UI scale is used
Increased text size in event message (top-left area)
Enemy units in tactical battle no longer visible during deployment stage
Terrain in tactical battle now has tooltips
, and . keys (< and >) are now shortcuts for prev/next unit in battle
Mouseovers and clicks now work properly in tactical deployment
Moved menu button in tactical battle to better location
Tactical battle camera now centres on selected unit
Tactical battle camera now centres on units which fight
Fixed a number of missing or incorrect texts
Fixed crash when AI attempts to use Siren's Song spell
Fixed possible crash when unit is disbanded
Fixed text renderer crash when blank text is vertically centred
No longer possible to save while pre or post battle report is on screen (creates bugs on reload)
Fixed possible crash when casting the Ranger hero card
Fixed crash in battle caused by displaying the stats of a dead unit
Fixed crash using Sea Dog or Guild Insider with 20 units already in the army
Siege units can now fire immediately when they unpack
Adjusted Odenheim campaign to make Mrymont more likely to declare war
Defensive units in tactical battle now deploy closer to the VPs
Name Ironman Save dialog now accepts return key
Increased margins on info card descriptions
Clicking minimap now animates camera instead of insta-travel
Player realm appears bold and a different shade in ranking lists
New Unit: Satisfy the bloodlust of Von Telvich to get Bloodhounds
New Unit: Help the Empire to reclaim Berany to get Cataphracts
New Unit: Help the Empire to reclaim Galeni to get Hospitallers
Fixed morale not working properly in tactical battles
Fixed Odenheim campaign related crash
Fixed Error send dialog issues when large fonts are enabled
Irregular units no longer try to Hit and Run when making ranged attacks
Increased margin on rankings list
Fixed AI only calling realms to war if they have Mutual Defence (and not Alliance)
Units on a bridge in tactical battle no longer have disorder
Fixed bridging units not being able to use bridges
Defedning AI will no longer try to cross rivers to meet attacker
Added warning message is you are disbanding the last unit in a Hero-led army
Wagons (packed siege) now move slower over rough terrain

Have fun playing and testing!

And again thank you for your patience, testing and feedback, we could not do it without you.


Tim aka LZ

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Re: EA2 Beta Updated!

Post by lpgamble » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:27 am

Initial thoughts on Beta Changes
Auto fights are much better and deadlier
I miss the mini map reports (color) The current tactical map colors are not transparent enough to see terrain, so you can't leave them on.
When upgrading provinces, since the shading is too dark I can't tell if I'm upgrading wastelands or plains
Iron Baronys catapult's are missing the baggage train icons (they disappear on moving)
Also even more distressing is after moving they can not fire until they stay still for a whole turn
Centering the battle map on the currently moving unit makes me sea sick (i'd like to turn that option off)
Ai on tactical battles is better
the battle results numbers are disappearing to fast for me, that might be a setting I don't have quite right yet.
How do you cancel continuous trades. I see it listed, can highlight it
AI trades are much better, haven't seen market price fluctuations yet.
Cavalry and Archers seem improved
Couple of places where clicking on the icon does nothing. When a unit is ready if you click on the unit icon it does nothing. (Right click to move setting checked)When moving an army on the map if you right click on the army you want to move to it doesn't do anything.

Lordz Games Studio
Lordz Games Studio
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Re: EA2 Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:15 pm

Hi guys,

Another big round op updates and fixes for the Sovereignty EA 2.0 Open Beta arrived.

This should auto-update your Beta game to version 1182.

Changes from patch 1182:

Magical attack types now grant +1 attack against Shield Wall
Flipped battle UI to place end turn button on right
Cavalry can no longer charge if the move ends on a water tile
Fixed vampirism working on other undead units
Added several new status effects to combat result previews
Fixed duration of Diseased effect in battles
Fixed display of combat preview results when there are multiple status effects
Spells which can target an ally now work on realms you have a Defence treaty with
Improved display of economy value on province info cards
Fixed unit bonuses from Cradles and Patrons not affecting units already in training
Frozen Hoofprints spell now applies an area effect
Spells targeting units can no longer be cast on targets which are not Scouted
All Agents affecting a realm are now recalled if the realm is destroyed
Fixed units becoming invisible when changing to/from transports
Transport units during tactical deploy now display the unit they are carrying
Fixed transport units at end of battle moving into province without unpacking
Fixed naval units retreating to land and land units retreating to sea in battle
AI units now use healing abilities in battle
Autobattles now make use of healer units
Galeni campaign - now requires less units to have Loyalist Brigade
Provinces under occupation now have a red pulsing outline
Fixed issues with Turkish locale settings preventing game from starting
Fixed crash when unit is captured while retreating from morale damage
Fixed crash when accepting changed settings
Added resource names to trade table/trade offers
Fixed crash when trying to display details of a destroyed unit
Unit info card now shows damage type colours on attack stats
Fixed being unable to accept or refuse to join war if a battle has already started
Fixed non-working Dormant unit ability
Fixed invisible units after loading game in tactical battle
Fixed invisible units when using Necropolis power
Fixed tactical battle returning to deployment phase when loading saved game
Fixed being able to merge armies which are too large in sea zones
Fixed group/single tooltips on unit purchase screen
Restored the option to Liberate an allied province if you capture it in battle from a mutual enemy

Have fun playing and testing!

And again thank you for your patience, testing and feedback, we could not do it without you.


Tim aka LZ

Lordz Games Studio
Lordz Games Studio
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:15 am

Sovereignty EA 2.0 Beta has been updated to version 1196

Full patch notes:

Fixed attack icons over enemy units vanishing
Fixed incorrect colour of Morale bar on units in tactical battle
Fixed AI sometimes attacking with an empty army
Fixed units not being properly removed when training is cancelled
Fixed retreating units in tactical battle stepping outside of the battle boundary
Fixed load/continue not being available if only iron man saves are present
Fixed settings screen not appearing during tactical battles
Fixed being able to take actions with enemy units in tactical battle
Fixed missing notification when Drayd's Vale captures your units
Fixed unit and hero promotion notifications being lost on load/save
Fixed Quarantine (and similar spells) still allowing deployment to the province
Fixed missing floating text in battles when unit gain or lose abilities
Fixed floating text in battles being too close together
Fixed missing disband button on unit cards
Fixed missing diplomatic effects of annexing provinces
Fixed annexed capitol appearing damaged even when fully repaired
Fixed possible crash when rebels rise up in harbour province
Annexing capitols now gives diplomatic effects based on race and alignment
Annexing capitols now gives a small permanent negative effect with all realms
Reduced Trade objective in Averine campaign to 25 units

Lordz Games Studio
Lordz Games Studio
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:54 pm

So, on to this week's patch - 53 fixes/improvements in total this week.

There are 2 main parts to this patch. Firstly, we have fixed a number of crashes, and worked to improve performance and memory issues (the memory leak is not gone, but it should be reduced enough that players can play a longer game now).

Secondly, we focussed on improving the appearance and usability of the game, tactical battles in particular, based on the forum feedback. We have improved the move/attack overlays, smoothed out a lot of edges, added more tooltip information, added a battle log, fixed the broken hex tile rendering, added proper grid lines, and generally cleaned things up.

Complete change log version 1239:

Fixed Singing Shafts applying effect to non-archer units
Fixed Cradles/Patrons being awarded to realms which cannot accept them
Fixed a numbe of bugs in AI peace calculations
Fixed incorrect "charge" icons appearing on units in battle
Fixed unit training time visibility on purchase screen
Fixed province flashing red if it was obtained by treaty
Fixed memory leak caused by text rendering
Fixed performance issue related to texture loading/caching
Fixed memory leak caused by unit counters in battle
Fixed memory leak/performace issue related to redrawing realm borders
Fixed AI not accounting for provinces lost/gained in wars
Fixed AI trading provinces for peace when no fighting has occured
Fixed possible crash when Frozen Hoofprints is repeatedly cast
Fixed crash in tactical battle if mousing over out of bounds tiles
Fixed crash when trying to deploy more than 20 units at once
Fixed crash when attacking a harbour with transport ships
Fixed incorrect trade message when trade severed
Fixed unintended hexlines on tactical battle map
Fixed crash when Quarantine spell expires or is removed
Fixed severed trade only ending one side of the trade
Fixed Call the Horde triggering every time a game is loaded
Fixed right-clicks being ignored if they are on an army counter
Fixed not being able to move army by clicking directly on another army
Fixed background hissing noise in music tracks
Fixed possible crash when AI chooses to break treaties
Fixed missing terrain effects in tactical battles
Fixed continue button ignoring ironman games
Fixed possible crash after winning/losing game if there is a message pending
Khazoth Campaign: reduced capitol captures required
Maledor Campaign: Palatinate will no longer use Cloud City
Icespire Campaign: Now requires more landmarks to win
Forts are now visible during battle deployment
AI now has threshold peace value, below which peace cannot be bought for any price
Flying units can now capture Victory Locations in battle
Added post-load check to eliminate any naval units on land (to fix old saves)
Improved health and morale bars in battle
Slower speeds for tactical battle are now considerably slower
Improved readability of Objectives list
Settings file converted to text format
Settings Screen UI improved (mainly to make it easier for us to add new settings)
Added a number of settings to rebind shortcut keys
Increased closest zoom level in tactical battle
Smoothed edges of Fog of War around battle area in tactical battles
Improved move/attack range display in battles
Adjusted positions of some tactical battle UI elements
Added a combat log to the upper-right corner of the tactical battle UI
Removed ability to pin info cards
Added highlight to selected army on map
Added grid line option for tactical battles (default: G)
Added tooltips to explain why an army cannot move to a particular location
Units awaiting deployment now charge upkeep (only fully trained units)
Added a few sound effects for UI actions (using hero cards, opening and closing panels)
Added art for town tiles in tactical battles

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Sr. Colonel - Battleship
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by Cablenexus » Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:52 pm

While there are some huge improvements in this update I still can see the quality of the 1.9 map is much smoother, higher quality. The colors and the shader effects are really not as high quality as in the 1.9 version. The cursor selection grid now is just a white box whle in 1.9 it was a transparant box, the grass color is much brighter in 1.9 and the forest, hills and mountains are much more detailed and better alligned. You can even see where the tiles from hills/mountains are cut off in this version while in 1.9 it was all smooth.
But I see improvement so there is still hope.

First of all thank you for the update. I can see a huge amount of work is done in this one.
I get back my trust that you can manage to get the game as good looking as the 1.9 version.

Still some annoying and minor issues what really needs to be patched imho before you release public, but I did not experience many major issues in this one.

Map looks way better, sound is way better and the whole tactical battle mechanism is back on track what is really the most important one for me personally.

The good:

- No crash on exit anymore
- No hissing music/sound in background
- No ingame crash yet.
- Battle log back.
- Terrain mouseover and tactical mechanism back.
- Option to disable hex grid (still some hexgrid visible in FOW, but not annoying).

The bad:

- Right click to cancel a unit deployment order does not work anymore for me.

- In tactical battle no center on moving enemy unit anymore.

- Battle log info (thank you to bring it back) if more then one sentence you cannot read the second sentence. (screenshot). ... =652385576

- Morale and healthbar filler placement not alligned in the box/border. (screenshot). And hopefully you can change the morale color back from white to yellow like in the unit info card. It looks cheap now.

- All unit special traits like hit and run, disorder etc ect info button are way to big when zoom in. I think you have to ignore this buttons while zooming. Screen is a mess now with all those big bars flying over each other. They also cover the most important info, the damage numbers. ... =652386264

For example the small battle preview score screen when you attack a unit in tactical battle is not zoomed in what is very good. (screenshot).

- Still missing info about victory points in the box where is the amount of turns remaining. In 1.9 you had info there about amount of VP's on the map to conquer.

- Scrollbar for read text in hero info card in tactical battle isn't working. Using the scrollbar makes the unit card dissapear.

- Morale bars still are placed outside the box when reach >100 (screenshot). ... =652385878

- Soundeffects for units in battle are all muted after the first turn is played. At start of every battle units have move/attack sounds but as soon I enter my second battle all soundeffects are gone and the only thing I hear os the menu sounds and music playing.

- Lot's of buttons in the campaign map and in tactical battle are very low resolution when UI scaled to normal/large. When UI scaled to small or off the buttons are smoother, but still not the same as in previous version except for the show/hide campaign info button.
All other buttons (specially when a larger picture of the button is showed for example the disband button on the unit info card or the 3 diplomacy buttons on the diplomacy map) are all very low resolution now. Also all buttons on the right side of the screen and the all arrow buttons for close/open menu and prev/next action buttons are all low resolution now.

- Mous pointer sometimes does not change from hand into arrow anymore when enter a tactical battle.

- Quality of AA, AF, shaders and brightness of colors of terrain, map, text etc etc still not half as much quality as in 1.9

Lordz Games Studio
Lordz Games Studio
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:05 pm

The EA2 beta has been updated to build 1288, if you are already on the beta branch this will be automatic. If you are not, and wish to try it, instructions are here: ... 608282178/


- Prisoners: You can now decide what to do with your prisoners - sell them, execute them, turn them into undead, etc (depending on your chosen realm, not all options will be available).

- Buildings: Instead of upgrading the economy value of provinces, the economy value is not static and you improve provinces by constructing buildings in them. You can access the UI for this by mousing over provinces which the map is in Economy mode.

- Occupation: When occupying enemy land, you no longer damage the economy. Instead, Economy is replaced by a new Resistance value which reduces one point per turn until it reaches 0, at which point you annex the province. Resistance is based on fort level, and is increased if you do not share race, alignment, etc with the province owner. Each turn of occupation, there is a 30% chance that a building will be randomly destroyed.


When capturing provinces, any buildings constructed by the previous owner will be demolished when you annex it if those buildings are not also available to your realm (so high elves do not get to keep a sacrificial altar for example).

This is a big feature update, there will likely be bugs despite our efforts to eliminate them. Hopefully they will not be too bad though.

With the AA setting working properly now, 32x is likely too high and may cause severe lag - if you are suffering from lag problems, try turning this setting down first.

Changes since last version in 1288:

Almost all realms now have special units which are unlocked by completing objectives
Objectives which unlock units are now marked
Fixed AI locking up when attempting to break a treaty
Added new options for dealing with prisoners
Improved appearance of scaled UI elements
Changed method of applying AA setting - will hopefully work on more hardware now
Changing the AA setting no longer requires the game to be restarted
Fixed incorrect data being written to settings file for display mode
Fixed incorrectly named setting causing a crash
Fixed morale being able to go over 100%
Fixed incorrect alignment of health and morale bars
Camera following units in tactical battle is now an optional feature (default: off)
When AI retreats, a message is now shown
Added new options for interacting with prisoners
Provinces can no longer have their Economy level increased
Provinces are now improved by constructing buildings
Fixed bug when clicking repeatedly on a single location on the minimap
Updated tutorial to include buildings instead of economy upgrade
Added sound effect when constructing buildings
Fixed ordering of buildings on UI (by tier then by cost)
Added tier and maximum values to building tooltips
Forts are now properly connected to the province buildings
Fixed bug preventing construction of multiple copies of a building where it should be allowed
Modified spells which affect province economy
Modified economy/upgrade map mode to remove grey provinces
Older saves are not compatible - added message when trying to load incompatible saves
If a save file is unable to be opened, it will be ignored instead of crashing
Fixed various other smaller bugs.

Have fun playing and testing!

And again thank you for your patience, testing and feedback, we could not do it without you.

This is a pretty substantial patch - it fixes a lot of issues (most of them not with the new buildings stuff, that actually proved to be quite stable with the exception of the Watchtower bug).

Other than the various bug fixes and minor improvements as detailed below, there are 2 important improvements in this patch - we have resolved the issues causing the blurry/pixellated text, and we have improved the UI rendering so that the AA setting is no longer required to get it smooth.

These changes should now have the graphical quality at (or better than) 1.9 - which is a major step towards being able to do a public release of EA2.

Changes in 1301:

Fixed crash when using backspace in a text field under some conditions
Fixed AI freezing up in battle if it attempts to perform a Heal action
Fixed available buildings in provinces listing buildings in wrong order
Fixed mising Race tooltips for Giants, Dragons and Monsters
Fixed incorrect Morale bar colour in tactical battles
Fixed follow camera in battle not following moving units correctly
Fixed red "range" overlay in battle remainig when selecting another unit
Fixed several buildings not enforcing requirements properly
Fixed crash when loading a game which has a Watchtower building present
Fixed various crashes caused by incorrect building cleanup at end of game (esp. catacombs)
Fixed bug causing trade offers to be editable without selecting counter-offer
Fixed bug causing autosaved files to not be properly closed, resulting in crashes
Fixed some aspects of tactical floaties not being tied to battle speed setting
Fixed missing Victory Location counter in tactical battles
Fixed positions of landmark icons (rosehorm/aldenheim)
Fixed various typos and texts
Fixed possible crash in battle when tile lacks a Terrain type
Fixed crash when forts cause army in autobattle to have over 20 units
Fixed crash if game ends while casting certain types of spell
Fixed resource per turn not working if you have a stockpile, but 0 income
Fixed "Improve Relations" covert action not working
Fixed broken move/attack range overlays in tactical when switching from one unit to another
Fixed possible crash when unpacking units at the start of a battle turn
Fixed ability to build/demolish stuff in other realms
News ticker slowed down slightly
Active unit in tactical battle is now highlighted
Changing info cards now requires you to hold the mouse (mostly) still over a province
Removed scroll bar on mini versions of hero cards
Trade table will no longer show more than you have when switching back to it after selling resources
Added tooltip to empty building slots which indicates maximum Tier
Building costs are now coloured to indicate which ones the player cannot afford
Economy score now puts less emphasis on Economy, and more on building Tiers
"View Enemy Battles" setting no longer includes Rebels
New setting: "View Rebel Battles", default: off
Modified Prisoner list scaling to fit better with other similar UI
Modified Revolt Chance to work better in new system
Reduced font size on Events, Battle Log and Battle title to prevent text overrun
Standaradised the info on various Economy information texts
Improved visual quality of all in-game text
Improved visual quality of all UI graphics


Tim aka LZ
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Lordz Games Studio
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Thu May 05, 2016 12:41 pm

Build 1330 is now available.

Quite a few things fixed and improved again, though as before a lot of them are quite minor. There were a couple of significant bugs - one related to overwriting saved games, the other related to a crash in battle caused by a problem with packed siege weapons.

There are also a couple of known issues in this build - there are some battle related crashes which we were unable to track down, so we have added additional debug info to the crash logs which they generate.

Full list of changes:

Fixed Hit and Run attackers being captured by units with Shackles
Fixed missing coloured text on building resources which cannot currently be afforded
Fixed typo in Pionere unit data causing crash
Fixed army selection highlight not being removed on deselecting enemy armies
Fixed another case of a file handle not being closed and causing crashed
Fixed army remaining selected and movable after ending turn
Fixed Ancestral Glory hero power not working
Fixed Feybrunn missing landmark icon
Fixed possible cases of crashing when quitting to menu
Fixed wagon units not unpacking at the end of battles (caused crashes in future battles)
Fixed various info cards showing as pinned when they should not
Fixed Sylvan Rebirth and Prosperous growth incorrect target types
Fixed cases where certain provinces lack low-tier buildings
Fixed save dialog allowing invalid characters to be entered
Fixed player being able to move forts during battle deployment
Fixed crash when loading game saved after completing all objectives
Fixed being able to cancel spell casting but leave unit selection dialog open
Fixed crash if an army attacks but all units die (sun disk of the west, etc) before the battle starts
Fixed missing unit unlock icons in the shared campaigns
Fixed positions of political/relations map buttons if treaty has been signed
If player chooses to play on after winning, all other objectives are now disabled
Added confirmation message before demolishing buildings
Sirucil campaign modified to no longer require province damage
Evengaad campaign modified to no longer require economy improvement
Aevinwode can now build Standing Stones
Aevinwode and Sonneneve campaigns: Sirucil now more likely to survive
Race names are now all singular
Improved text in Events
Added additional debug info for certain crashes
Added Race to realm info cards
Marketplace modified to increase available resources
Added description for the Shattered effect
Added race icons to realms in Foriegn Affairs
Rebalanced almost all buildings
Added "Documents\Sovereignty\EngineLog.txt" file to track engine creation for debugging


Tim aka LZ

Lordz Games Studio
Lordz Games Studio
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Wed May 25, 2016 7:58 am

Build 1369 is now available

This is a complete list of all changes since the last steam build (1330), the top 4 fixes are the ones we fixed over the weekend - there are several fixes not listed here because they were only introduced in one of the internal builds.

Fixed errors in target data for Witherwing spell
Fixed rare bug causing crash when Fearsome/Terrifying units end a battle by capturing
Fixed issue allowing the player to be offered a Hero they cannot pay for
Fixed -10 relations due to war persisting after the end of a war
Fixed issues with trade after loading a saved game
Fixed Ghastly Laboratory requirements
Fixed unit Disband button being available when unit is imprisoned
Fixed undead units taking damage when attacking from Ledia
Fixed TEXT_MISSING in building demolish confirmation
Fixed random crash when selecting units in battle
Fixed possible crash if the first unit in a stack dies when attempting to attack Ledia
Fixed crash when the AI tries to enslave too many units
Fixed AI ending up in negative gold by recruiting prisoners
Fixed AI ending up in negative gold by purchasing Heroes
Fixed a number of memory leaks
Fixed crash if Catacombs is present in Ledia when undead units attack
Fixed Wood Lore spell not working when RP generating building is present
Fixed crash if Cloudfels attempts to use transport ships
Fixed Flier units still retaining some benefits below 40 health
Fixed Mead Hall appearing in non-capitol provinces
Mutual defence treaty no longer triggers on offensive war
Resources pull-out panel now includes trade income
Added Ledger panel - click on the button next to the Treasury number
Improved memory usage and speed of auto battes
Improved AI turn speed for realms with large armies
"Landmarks" text in magic panel changed to "Provinces"
No longer crashes is Steam is not enabled - now gives error and closes normally
Forced MArch spell now works on Hero as well as Units
Slightly decreased AI chance to retreat in tactical battles
AI less likely to pay large sums of money for a peace if there has been no fighting
No longer possible to loot your own provinces while recapturing them
Reduced number of trade offers being sent to the human player each turn
Some more building balance changes applied
Khazoth and the Elven realms (particularly Sirucil) start the game with more units. (The intent here is to make Khazoth and Sirucil a greater early threat. )
Elves cost a bit more to purchase and a bit less to upkeep.
Orcs cost less to upkeep.

Lordz Games Studio
Lordz Games Studio
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Re: Sovereignty EA2 Open Beta Updated!

Post by lordzimoa » Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:54 pm

Build 1386 is now on the public beta branch - We are hoping that this build will prove to be stable enough to become the new official public build (the previous build was close, but had an issue when migrating from 1.9 which had to be fixed first).

If you want to try out the beta builds, instructions are here: ... 608282178/

Changes in this version:

Fixed Venom affecting Forts, Undead and Phantom units
Fixed missing text when selecting Poison Vial target
Fixed crash when migrating settings from EA 1.9
Fixed possible crash when loading games from builds earlier than 1369
Fixed AI attempting to cast spells on dead realms
Fixed crash when AI attempts to cast Scorching Sky
Fixed incorrect Shrine RP bonus
Fixed incorrect Standing Stones RP bonus
Fixed crash caused by promoting a dead hero
Fixed crash caused by promoting dead units
Added description text for some unit types
Increased the amount of XP which units gain in battles
Units now guaranteed to retreat if morale is 0
Counter Fire now applies against melee attacks
New button art for popup dialog boxes
Info button in realm select is now a toggle
Added new unit art for Raidleader Mirko
Spells have been rebalanced

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