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Sovereignty 2.1.1 patch!

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:30 pm
by AlbertoC
Another update for Sovereignty, people :) this one contains many fixes, making the game more polished and stable, and now the developers will be free to work on more juicy additions.

• Fixed crash in mod editor if multiple languages with same key name are added
• Fixed crash when opening mod which has text modifications
• Fixed data error causing crash in mod editor (realmstats data table)
• Fixed possible case of spell casting cooldown getting stuck at -1 turns
• Fixed Odenheim Sentinels objective not triggering
• Fixed Evengaad Wellenkeep objective not triggering until tier 4 building constructed
• Fixed missing text on finance panel (units category)
• Fixed broken Economy Mode keyboard shortcut setting
• AI now moves existing units before deploying new ones
• Added buildings which grant money direct to treasury to finance panel
• Dragonhold Cloud Dragons are now Elite