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Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Patch 1.0.2 is out!

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 10:06 am
by Daniele
Hi guys!

Panthers in the Fog has been updated!

Version 1.0.2 fixes some multiplayer issues (for instance a bug where the client could crash if the currently selected team surrendered has been fixed) and improves the general gameplay by enhancing features like Team List and the animation of destroyed guns.

Download the patch from here

Here's the changelog:

Version 1.0.2
Bug Fixes
• Correct error message is now displayed (instead of unknown Error・) when the serial number check fails during lobby login.
• Fixed a bug that could crash on a multi-player client if the currently selected team on the client was a friendly vehicle and that vehicle was abandoned.
• Fixed a multi-player bug where an airstrike could cause a crash if it completely destroyed a unit.
• Fixed a multi-player bug where the client could crash if the currently selected team surrendered.
• Fixed a multi-player bug where teams renamed by the client player were not renamed on the host.
• Merging Battlegroups now gives the correct number of team slots in the merged Battlegroup.
• Fixed a bug where a team given a ‘mount’ order could mount the vehicle before they actually reached it.

• If a gun is destroyed while being towed, the towing vehicle automatically dismounts passengers.
• The Team List now reappears correctly when you switch to Overview mode and back.
• Double clicking a message from a team now selects and highlights that team, in addition to moving the point of view.
• Double clicking a message to view the reporting team works correctly even when the Team Info panel has been moved.