1.14 "huge update" ... I don't see any difference

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1.14 "huge update" ... I don't see any difference

Post by DaveyJJ » Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:40 am

Maybe it's just me but after downloading and installing the "huge" 1.1.4 update ...

"The update itself contains a lot of new content. After listening to the community, both PC and board game players, this update gives players the option to play with the fully-implemented Classic AP system that matches the board game's AP system. Visuals were also given a classic look, with new and detailed 2D board game-style maps, and high resolution dynamic unit counters, for an effect like they're really playing the tabletop wargame (except its on a PC)."

I don't see any way to give me the graphics that look like the boardgame. It's still the same old 2D (and 3D) look.

Can someone explain how to get that new look, please?

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Re: 1.14 "huge update" ... I don't see any difference

Post by junk2drive » Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:21 am

You really need to spend some time at the Matrix forum. That's where we all hang out.

Open System Settings before you start a scenario. On the bottom right select Board Game Style Map and from the drop down select Giant Size. Then start any of the ATB scenarios. They are the only ones done at this time.

The readme details the other changes like setting options in the MP lobby and the L hotkey for checking LOS from any hex.
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