Russia in 3.0GS is a Monster

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Re: Russia in 3.0GS is a Monster

Post by richardsd » Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:59 pm

the Axis shouldn't be leting the Russians get a winter 42 offensive of any merit - the Russian Tech may be ok but it won't match the Axis and the Axis should be behind rivers etc..

I love it when the Russians attack to early, they have to overwhelm the Axis not just trade units - the Russians have to take space and kill units

As Staffenburg (and others) have noted earlier, the Germans shouldn't over extend for land, the Axis goal in the early war is to kill Russina units, this is to prevent them developing ovewhelming forces to early in the late game

there is an AAR where the Axis felt it was to weak to mount an 42 summer offensive against the Russians - the result wasn't pretty for the Axis, the Russian steamroller was staggerring

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