GS4.0 Aircraft ranges

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Re: GS4.0 Aircraft ranges

Post by duncanr » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:13 pm

let me give you my favorite bug bear to consider - higher combat outcome randomization than I think is good, we have done well to improve this (average of 3 I think it is now) which at least means my unfortunate heroics taking London isn't repeated (suicide attacks that actually succeeded) but you still get wide variance and I actually hate it when I get good outcomes early in a game against new players - it just makes them think you are reloading, they don't get to see my epic fails - massive STR attacks against wolf packs where all miss or failing to take Berlin by 1 step!

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Re: GS4.0 Aircraft ranges

Post by Vokt » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:23 pm

duncanr wrote:I can complicate it more if you like, there is no way a Hurricane or ME 109 can do the damage to land and sea units that FTR's can currently achieve in 39/40 but it could be achieved by (pick your aircraft type - lets say Typhoon) later in the war.
This is exactly what I meant in a previous post. Ground and strategic attack values of fighters seem to confirm that air units in CEAW are abstracted. This way fighters would have a wider than the strict dogfighting combat role. New air ranges are good I think.

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Re: GS4.0 Aircraft ranges

Post by Plaid » Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:33 pm

What bothers me most in current air ranges is minimal difference between FTR and TAC ranges.
Its rather hard to place TACs in such a way, that they reach all desired frontline targets and still stay out of range of enemy fighter direct attack.
And even if you found that spot as soon as frontline moves a bit you have to rebase.

Mostly it hurts Axis, as Allied fighters just rule the sky after certain point (in average game), but in early years Allies are hurt too - often player have a dilemma to rebase TACs (no air support this turn so), or to attack enemy anyway, risking high damage direct hits on TAC airbases.
Is is something we actually want in the game?

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