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Fortress Europa AAR Book

Post by supermax » Mon May 25, 2020 12:26 pm

Hello to all,

Havent posted here in a while, i kinda miss this great game.

I am just about to publish a book on Amazone Kindle.

The book is of course about the Second World War, but a fictionnal acount of it.

For those who have been following my AAR a while back, it is based on my Fortress Europa strategy i posted 2 or 3 AAR about.

You can found the link to get the book here, it will be online on the 31st of may: ... ext&sr=1-1

Its the first book in a serie of 4 or 5 i intend to write. Book 1 relates the first part of the war, just like in the game, ending when 1941 closes.

I also made a promo facebook page for the book to give people a glimpse:

Search for Blitzkrieg Alternate thats the name of the page

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