Disappearing Kreigsmarine units

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Disappearing Kreigsmarine units

Post by Jimbonsx » Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:09 am

Hallo all.
I'm cross-posting this issue because I've had no response from the 'Tech Support' forum where it was originally posted.

"Morning all.
Playing a PBEM game as Axis, I positioned a BB in hex (52,12), at the approaches to the North Channel (off the coast of Northern Ireland). During 'convoy movement' I was able to see a convoy moved directly into hex (52,12), causing my BB to disappear - literally become not visible. The convoy remained intact and in situ and my opponent, not aware of anything unusual, arranged his DD escorts around it during his turn. My turn came round , I couldn't find my BB but of course I knew where the convoy was so I attacked it. I felt honour-bound to relate to him what had happened and asked him to 'BOLO' for it. No casualties were incurred by either player at the time of 'collision' and the 'Casualties' and 'Forces' screens showed no change in the 'Naval' stats.
This has happened to me before in a hotseat game (near the Murmansk exit), and I'm wondering what's happening?
In this hotseat game, the ship (a DD this time) reappeared a few turns later, to my relief and bewilderment.
So 2 questions -
1) What happened
and 2) How can I buy more invisible BB's?"

Since this was originally posted, my BB has NOT reappeared, my Axis naval unit losses have NOT increased, my ship count is still at 2 BB's and using <Page Down> to move to the next unused unit has ALWAYS selected (52,12).

Anyone interested in this? 45 other views in the other forum says someone is.....

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