Anglo-Portuguese 1809-10 another issue

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Anglo-Portuguese 1809-10 another issue

Post by adonald » Wed May 06, 2015 2:01 am

Hi guys

Any reason why the allies, particularly the Spanish, have a compulsory skirmisher attachment in the attachment's table? No skirmisher attachment is compulsory for any of the Spanish lists, particuulalry in the 1808-1809 list covering Talavera. The Anglo-Portuguese 1809-10 list seems based on Talavera where there were a large number of Spanish cazadore battalions, but the sources seem silent on any attachment of those cazadores to any line infantry formations. They were organised in separate divisions anyway from the rest of the Spanish infantry, and I have not read any mention that the Spanish line infantry had a skirmish capabilty.

It appears to be a mistake, perhaps a mimick of the British attachment table above, although it does seem somewhat deliberate, and the compulsory nature of the comment should be deleted.

Alastair Donald

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Re: Anglo-Portuguese 1809-10 another issue

Post by KitG » Thu May 14, 2015 1:24 am

Not only that but as British allies the 1809-10 Spanish may also use a large Foot Guard unit, yet the corresponding Spanish Army list only allows the Spanish guard a small unit, which is also odd.

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