Streets of Wagram

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Streets of Wagram

Post by Blathergut » Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:22 pm

I thought I'd post the scenario I've made for next weekend's HotLead FoGN game Dead. and I are running. [Note: French are substituting for Dead.'s Austrians in the photo!]

It's semi-historical, including the Saxon attack on the first evening and then the French attack a bit further to the west the next day. I'd hope it would give players a feel for the rules.

Victory: 1 point each village held + 1 point each enemy unit routed


Saxon 1st Mixed Division (attacking east side of Wagram): 1 large average drilled (w skirmisher) + 1 small average veteran guard (w artillery) + 1 small ave dr LCv + 1 small superior veteran cuirassiers (w officer)...Div. commander competent

Saxon 2nd Mixed Division (attacking west side): same as above but ave veteran grenadiers instead of guards...Div. commander competent

French 3rd Division (attacking to the west): 1 large ave drilled (famed 4th) + 1 small ave vet. Lights (w artillery) + 1 small ave dr line + 1 small ave dr medium artillery (Saxon) + 1 small ave dr LCv...Div. commander skilled + charismatic :)

Corps commander: barely competent


Austrians holding Wagram: 1 small ave drilled + 1 small ave drilled Lights + 1 small ave drilled + 1 superior drilled LCv (w officer)...Div. commander competent

Austrians holding west village: 1 small ave drilled + 1 large ave drilled + 1 small ave drilled + 1 small ave drilled medium artillery...Div. commander competent

Austrian Cavalry division: 4 small average veteran cuirassiers w artillery + 1 w officer...Div. commander skilled

Corps Commander: skilled + charismatic

Set-Up Notes

-Austrians start the game with a round of shooting (no other actions allowed)...French reply...Austrians may move commanders and attempt to recover cohesion

-French then start the game as normal

-Corps commanders start fairly far to one side, esp. Charles. Players will have to decide where to send them.

-French cavalry has some choices; two Austrian cuirassiers units cannot move until either an Austrian cavalry unit is broken or the French cross the road

-the Saxons trying to take the west side of Wagram do have their derrieres sticking out; hopefully players will notice and protect/mangle

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