1812 - Where are the Wurttembergers?

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1812 - Where are the Wurttembergers?

Post by alcibiades » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:35 am

Hello all:

Having played FoG-AM and not really enjoyed it, I was reluctant to give FoG-N a look until one of my regular gaming chums bought a copy and I felt obligated to make the expenditure. Had our first game, a perhaps overly ambitious 1000 pts. Spring 1813 game with the French assaulting across a waist deep river. Anyway, although the first game was a bit of a struggle as we worked our way through the rules, I was sold and am now reorganizing my French and Imperial allied forces.

I was looking at the 1812 French infantry corps in AToN and was surprised by the absence of the Wurttembergers. I appreciate that up to 12 stands of Rhinebund infantry are available and could be fielded as Wurttembergers but there is no option of Wurttemberg light infantry or cavalry. Looking at the OOB of Ney's III Corps and the 25th Division as given in Nafziger's Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, there were originally 4 Regiments of line infantry each of 2 battalions with each regiment have a strength of roughly 1200 men. A fifth regiment joined the Division after the start of the campaign. In addition, there were 2 battalions of light infantry, each with approximately 675 men and 2 battalions of jagers of similar strength. So roughly 6000 line and 2400 light infantry.

Ney's Corps also had three regiments of Wurttemberg light cavalry fielding approximately 1500 sabres and 26 pieces of artillery of various weights.

So, it seems to me that there should be at least one unit of Wurttemberg light infantry of either 4 or 6 bases and perhaps 2 small units of Wurttemberg Chevaux Leger. Available artillery is about right but I think an additional 4 bases of line infantry would not be out of order. Thoughts and comments? Trying to find a place for my Wurttembergers....lol.....



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Re: 1812 - Where are the Wurttembergers?

Post by KendallB » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:01 am

This one has been done before.


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