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Bavarians 1809 List - how accurate?

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:44 am
by richafricanus
Having just obtained a copy of John H Gill's excellent book'With Eagles to Glory', covering Napoleon's German allies during the 1809 campaign, I was toying with drawing up a list for a Bavarian Corps.

However, the way the list in ToN feels a little inaccurate in that it only allows one mixed division. By implication you have the option of taking a Cavalry Division.

In the actual campaign, the Bavarians made up VII Corps under Levebvre and this formation consisted of 3 Divisions, each with a mix of Infantry and Cavalry brigades (i.e. Mixed Division) and had no cavalry division.

Gill also tracks each German Ally's movements during the campaign, and while the Corps was at time broken up to fight as individual divisions, at no point were all the cavalry merged to form a Division. So a more accurate rendering of the list would be to allow no Cavalry Divisions, and only Mixed Divisions.

Also, the Light Infantry can only be veteran. The reality is that while many of the light regiments performed well, some of them (esp the 7th) had a large contingent of less than enthusisatic Tyroleans, large numbers of whom deserted through the course of the campaign. Perhaps the Light Infantry should also have the option of having one unit of Poor, Drilled?

Food for thought next time there is an errata published for the lists?