Battle of Hastenbeck 1757

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Sergeant - Panzer IIC
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Battle of Hastenbeck 1757

Post by Rekila » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:11 am

Those lists are based on the battle of Hastenbeck 1757. We have played various learning SYW games using FOGN with good success, and this should be our first game based on an historical battle.
Allied Army.
Army commander Cumberland (Skilled)
Vanguard: Von Hardenberg. (Competent)
1 x Jaegers: Light infantry (Skirmishes) Small average irregular.
1 x Hanoverian grenadiers: Small, superior , drilled, line
1x Brunswick grenadiers: Large, average, drilled, line
1x Hanoverian artillery: Medium foot artillery, small average drilled + Howitzer attachment
1x Brunswick artillery: Medium foot artillery, small average drilled
Right wing Hannover: Zastrow (competent)
1x Hanoverian infantry: Small, average, drilled, line + medium gun attachment
2x Hanoverian infantry: Small, average, drilled,line
1x Hanoverian horse: Shock heavy cavalry, Small, Superior, drilled, line
1x Hanoverian Dragoons: heavy cavalry, Small, average drilled, line
Hessian, centre: Wutginau (competent)
1x Hessian infantry. Small, average, drilled, line + medium gun attachment
1x Hessian infantry. Small, average, drilled, line
1x Hessian grenadiers. Small, superior, drilled, line
1x Hessian horse: Shock heavy cavalry, small, average, drilled
1x Hessian dragoons: heavy cavalry, small, average, drilled
Brunswick right wing: Imhoff (competent)
4x Brunswick infantry: Large, poor, drilled, line
Reserve: Von Ledebur (competent)
1x Hanoverian Leibgarde. Shock heavy cavalry; small, superior, drilled, guard
1x Hanoverian dragoons: heavy cavalry, small average, drilled
1x Hanoverian guard. Line infantry, Small, superior, drilled, guard
1x Light cavalry (hussars & carabineers) small, average irregular
Army initiative 0. Total 1196pts

French Army:
Army commander: D’Estress (Skilled)
Right wing infantry: Armentier (Competent)
1 x Austrians: large, average, drilled, Line.
2 x Stranier regiments: small average drilled, line
1x medium foot artillery. Small average drilled
Left wing infantry: Contades (competent)
1x Granadiers : Large, Superior, drilled, line
4x French Line: Small, average, conscript, line
1x medium foot artillery: small average drilled.
Right wing cavalry: Boglie (Competent)
2x Dragons: Heavy cavalry, Small, Average, conscripts.
1x Horse: Shock heavy cavalry, small average drilled
1x cuirassiers du Roi: Shock heavy cavalry, small, superior drilled.
Left wing cavalry: Brissac, (Competent)
2x Horse: Shock heavy cavalry, large, average drilled
Vanguard & reserve: Chevert (Competent) + Officer attachment.
Lights (legion) : Light infantry (Skirmishes). Large, Average, irregular + cavalry attachment
2x line infantry: Small average conscripts + skirmishes attachments
Light cavalry (Hussares). Large, average, irregular,
Maison du Roi: Shock heavy cavalry, Small, Superior, Drilled, Guard
Howitzers: small average drilled.
Army initiative 2. Total 1198 pts.
All infantry is obviously nom-reformed. I have adapted some units to our own collection of figures, like the use of the Maison du Roi instead of the Carabiniers. The French dragoons seem to have deployed on foot, but ours are mounted so they should fight that way! Regimental guns are not represented. In our first games we did give an artillery attachment to every infantry unit, but in most cases was a waste of points. The only rule change we have made is that an infantry unit assaulted by cavalry can’t form square as a reaction move, but if assaulted frontally in extended line and have both flanks supported there is no need to roll for cohesion.
Any comment will be highly appreciated.

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Panzer Corps Team
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Re: Battle of Hastenbeck 1757

Post by terrys » Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:34 am

I'd be very interested to hear how this game went.
I'd also be interested to know what changes/modifications you used for 7YW.
I've been digging out my old 15mm 7YW Austrians lately, and definately have enough figures for more than 800pts.
I badly need a 7YW Prussian army though.

Sergeant - Panzer IIC
Sergeant - Panzer IIC
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Re: Battle of Hastenbeck 1757

Post by Rekila » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:15 pm

Well we are now in the process of rebasing, so probably will not play it before Christmas, I’m afraid.
We have found that in the games we have played so far there is no need of any change of rules to achieve a good SYW game. The most problematic point is the relation between cavalry and infantry. But even the only changes of rules we have made: not allowing forming square as a reaction to cavalry assault and not need to roll for cohesion when an infantry unit in extended line that is supported in both flank (i.e. not isolated) is frontally assaulted by cavalry, are both a little superfluous. After some disastrous experiences on our first games, cavalry developed a heavy distaste for assaulting frontally SYW infantry in extended line (lot of dices!) and prefers to fight enemy cavalry. They are too expensive units, to SPENT them fighting foot! :wink:
We think of other possibilities, like to allow infantry assaulted in the flank or rear to fire at cavalry as a reaction move after passing a Cohesion test with a 6, but as that situation had never aroused in our games it remains only an idea, without practical testing . Also to roll for cohesion instead of automatically drooping one cohesion level when assaulted by cavalry within 2MU, to solve the somehow problematic question (Minden on mind!) of steady infantry that can’t advance against enemy cavalry. But again, that situation had never yet happens in practice.
On the contrary the use of FOGN with no change of rules for the SYW allows to shows the fact that by the SYW linear tactics were unsatisfactory and the need to try new systems, so when playing, you found yourself with a good army but also one that is not fully adequate for the task ahead, and we have had so far very interesting games.

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