Most Serene Republic of Venice ~ 1797

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Most Serene Republic of Venice ~ 1797

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By the end of the 18th century, Venice was no more a great power in Europe. It relied more on an active neutrality than on a powerful army. In addiction to these, since the end of the Candia War (1716) no big wars were fought, except for small action on the Ottoman borders and against Berber pirates.  The army was still organised by the Schulenburg's reformation (1712?) and in many aspects an ancient regime one. Last novelties were the introduction of artillery regiments (1776?) in addiction to Bombards Corp (specialised in mortars and siege artillery) and minor uniforms changes, the latest, of 1788? not entirely applied more than ten years later, in 1797, when the Republic fell without fighting against Napoleon's army of Italy. The only military event of some relevance was a riot in Verona city, called "Pasque Veronesi" (Veronese Easter) due to the place and the date of the rebellion against the French garrison troops led by the nobility of the city and the Slavic troops of the Venetian garrison, and supported by the inhabitants of the city, the country and the nearest valleys.

The Venetian Army was about 23000 men strong at the period, taking into account the regular line infantry, divided in 18 rgts each of 800 men (for gameplay reason I consider them small units), including a grenadier coy (we have no evidence about their separate deploy, but this is rather a speculative list, see CUSTOMISED ARMY). The infantry was reinforced by 11 Schiavoni or Oltremarini regiments, hired from Venetian territories in Croatia and Greece and of Slavic origin, but trained as line infantry in the period, even if they still retain some fierceness from their people.  They also fought by horse, in small units, also here separate deploy is speculative. An other infantry source were civilians conscripted by years to years to form a militia to be hastily gathered to defend motherland from invasions. This militia is called "Cernite" (chosen, in Italian). They had to attend to at least two (or four) training day at year, so I classify them as conscripts. By the end of the century, however they were quite unenthusiastic troops, mainly due to otium, so here there is the choice to rate them both average or poor, since we don't really know how they would have react (Verona's volunteers were very enthusiastic, however). Numbers are about 9 line uniformed regiments of 1100 men each.
Of better quality, because usually acting on the borders, and armed with Austrian rifles were their Croatian corrispective, Craine or Crainach militia, without uniforms and maybe more irregulars, but with skirmishers and cavalry reparts. (23000 men, divided into 14 provinces, 1700 men approximately, each)

Cavalry wasn't present in large numbers, only a couple of dragons and one courassier regiments avaible, as concerns heavy cavalry. Light was better with Croatian light horse and mounted Schiavoni (all hussarian like troops). 

Artillery regiments and Bombard Corps

Guardia Nobile Veronese (Verona nobles Guard), Carabinieri Schiavoni (nobles guard du corps and police service at manifestation), Lance Spezzate (courassiers with the same duty of Carabiniers), each about one battalion or one squadron strong. Arsenalotti (workers in Venezia arsenal) and Bombard Corp (factory grenadier) 

Ipothetical troops
Swiss or German (Hessian and Wutterburgers?) mercenaries  hired in needing case.


All small units, except those marked with *
All infantry is unreformed
Attachments in the army composition
Any number of mixed division can be used
There must be at least as many bases of poor line infantry as there are average line infantry


Territory Types: Southern Europe
Initiative Level 1

Line infantry rgt LINE Av Dr
Rgt Veneto Reale LINE Av Vet* (max 6 bases)
Separately deployed grenadiers (1 small unit each 4 line infantry deployed) LINE Vet
Schiavoni infantry LINE Av/Sup Dr
Cernite CONS Poor/Av*
Volunteers IRR Poor/Av
Craine IRR/CONS (rifle) Poor/Av*
Swiss or German mercenaries LINE Av Dr/Vet

Guardia Nobile Veronese LINE av dr Guard (max 4 bases)
Carabinieri Schiavoni LINE Sup dr Guard (max 4 bases)

Dragons HC av dr (max 6 bases)
Courassiers HC av dr (max 4 bases)
Croatian cavalry IRR/LC av/sup dr*
Mounted Schiavoni LC av dr

Medium artillery
Bombard corp (Mortars)

Skirmishers (one per division, excepts Craine)
Cavalry (for Craine and Schiavoni, up to one each unite, but deduct from corrispective cavalry)
Artillery (one per division) deduct from corrispective

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