Points Costs-Special Children

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Points Costs-Special Children

Post by philqw78 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 12:57 am

Will mounted that can dismount; Foot that can exchange ranks; units with mixed troop types; any other special case army list troops cost more points?

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Field of Glory Team
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Post by shall » Sat Feb 17, 2007 7:54 am

We don't at this point see the need for such things as:
  • 1. We have limited dismouting very signficiantly so you are generally swapping higher cost troops for lower ones. There is no jumping of horses when near the enemy in AOW so it isn't the huge advantage it is in some other sets.
    2. The exchanging ranks is something that was used by some armies to make their troops effective overall, when they were ineefective otherwise. This is usually due to a lack of other useful troops in the list. To give an example.....I played a New Kingdom Egyptian on Thursday. They have lots of Unprotected Bowmen who are mincemeat without the exchange of ranks that they seemed to rely on historically. They are already paying hugely for this per frontage as trhey have to have 2 BGs working together. There was certainly no need for them to pay more. I was using Alexandfrian Macedonian to test out some new pike rules. 20-12 to Alexander by the way with a break of the Egyptian army ( I took too much damage on the way)
    3. Mixed troops similarly tends to be a mixed blessing so paying more than the figures isn't really necessary. We have avoided creating any super troops through mixed units.
So I guess I am saying that by making all of these "specials" sensible in effect rather than creating some super human ability to leap off in full plate mail at moments notice when faced with a bowmen in the open - who by the way is in reality much more scared of you on a horse anyway unless he is well protected - we have removed the need to fiddle with the points in minute detail. It is then safely a bit of colour in the army list.

Hope that helps


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