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First impressions 5/30/60

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:25 am
by ThePlaneskeeper
First impressions

on windows 7 64bit

On launch: Omg slow download speeds on update. Watched some anime instead, while waiting.

When booted: The loading splash screen updates with that percentage bar at the bottom (just numbers really). Forces focus, and if I alt-tab, the focus goes right back... I am not allowed to alt-tab while it loads?

When loaded: Okay its cool, but on my older machine, it jitters a bit. In game- no studdering, but on the menu screen i get lag? That's not a good sign. Not bad though, it is what it is.

First game: Hmmm, i dislike games that force you to watch the intro, even if it is loading in the background. Civ 5 did that for a while, and it annoyed the hell out of people (maybe just me). Finally they removed it.

5 minutes: Tutorial lacking, but very clean and self explanatory for someone who plays turn based strategy games. Interface is clean and follows conventions. Research is way too fast, but hey, not bad, its beta, right? What? Some random monster kills my soldiers in my first encounter? Hmmm... Maybe the first few turns shouldn't have randoms so close. Exploring should be higher priority than defending off the bat. Also... Its interesting that you run out of resources, but that should be a REALLY BIG BOX that blocks your view before you place your first city so your not like "I want food." Also, is the leader bonuses random, or did i miss where i get to pick my leader?

30 minutes: Yep, my own fault for placing a city next to enemies and losing it, but why do they attack my city, and not my colony ship? Colony ship should have been higher priority, since it shouldn't get defensive bonuses. Again it feels like research is way too fast. Wait, and this is primarily military research? I want to build my colony, not kill baddies. Where is the Xeno-peace-and-harmony-make-friends-with-your-enemies-and-rape-them-later-techs?

Have not gotten to 60 minutes yet, but I like the game so far, and i think it will eat a (large) bit of my time.

Re: First impressions 5/30/60

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:55 am
by ThePlaneskeeper
60 minutes: Maps on large... and feels very small... Map size should be increased. Read someone else's post about maps not wrapping, and yeah, thats kinda weird.
I can see why the tech researches so fast, because of how much there appears to be. I REALLY LIKE customizing my units. Its nice. If the "hives" are only like "barbarians" from civ, then it becomes an extra-stellar game of humans versus humans...? There should be an organized resistance from the planetary side that is quite strong- if not in power, then in number of units. One that will propagate. I'm invading another planet. Which makes the peace monger, tree hugging culture of my faction actually somewhat advantageous after the first 100 turns. Since the aliens aren't dead yet (nor will they be, hopefully). Been building stuff, but noticed cities don't have any "city defense" as it were, they require a garrison. This is the 22nd century, I imagine there would be some automated drones as part of a colony setup.

When I think of some more i'll post.

I enjoy the game alot though =)

Re: First impressions 5/30/60

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:55 pm
by ThePlaneskeeper
So cities don't relocate people to farmers when food gets scarce (due to pollution or plundering)? That should be automatic unless you have it locked...

Actually i like the game alot, just a bunch of little stuff here and there needs some tweaks.

Re: First impressions 5/30/60

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:33 am
by Soheil
Thanx for the feedback, we will take your points into consideration as we continue to make changes, keep the feedback coming as you play on.