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AI has a death wish

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:52 pm
by azpops
I just declared war on another faction. The majority of the faction is on another continent. On the next turn after declaring war, the AI attempted to send units across the sea to invade my continent. They packed them all into two hexes. I was able to kill 100 units with two orbital bombardments. The AI packed 53 units into one sea hex and 47 into another. If orbital bombardments are to kill every unit in a sea hex, the AI needs to take this into account when sending units across sea hexes. I love being able to decimate a faction simply by having it send units across the sea and destroying them all with orbital bombardments. The next turn I was able to destroy another 55 units with orbital bombardments in only 4 hexes.

Re: AI has a death wish

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:11 pm
by Wildfire
I agree on that - while it is certainly gratifying to kill so many troops in one go, unless the AI is on easy or very easy - it shouldn't try to combine so many in one hex.

On side note with the newest version 0.16.2 I did, however, finally see a Devourer (the 8.0 power Xeno flier) attack an AI unit, the Xeno-friendly one, at that. While I had been shooting at it w/ my sniper rifle equipped infantry unit with no retaliation from the Xeno. Even on it's own turn. I'm not sure this isn't a bug hat hasn't been fully resolved that I've reported on previously with the sniper rifle equipped units getting significantly less attacks by AI (and Xeno) units than non sniper equipped units.I shot the Xeno 3 times then Gardener pulls up and the Devourer attacked them (which worked well for me).