Impressions after first game

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Impressions after first game

Post by eddparsons » Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:32 pm

So I've just played through and won my first game, after restarting a couple of times.

I like the game - it was slow to get going but once I started fighting my first AI it picked up and had me gripped until I had nearly won and was just mopping up.

The good:

UI has largely good - simple to get to grips with and well explained.
Music was good.
Large number of techs to research and unit designs to make.
Mechs are fun :)

As someone who loved SMAC and was hoping for a remake with updated graphics and UI I was a bit disappointed, for a few reasons:

Plot - SMAC told a story about landing on an alien planet, discovering its secrets and eventually transcending. I don't really get that from Pandora.

Aliens - in SMAC the aliens were a constant presence throughout the game, getting stronger as it went on and spawning from fungus tiles, which could grow especially if pollution got too high. In Pandora, the aliens are initially interesting but never really develop. In the game I played they got killed off very quickly between the AIs and me and it didn't really feel like they affected the game at all. Having aliens grow stronger throughout the game and having them spawn more would help. Also fungus didn't seem to play a big role. I only had one tile of it within my empire for a long time and I never removed or use it.

Terraforming - is there any improvement in your ability to terraform? Any way to improve sea tiles? I didn't get to the end of all the tech branches but certainly by the mid game when war really got going and I automated my formers as they had already farmed, mined and roaded every square they could, there weren't many options - +1 resource, +1 food or 1 food 1 resource and -1 pollution aren't that exciting. SMAC had boreholes, aquifers, solar condensers, echelon mirrors and the ability to make both forests and fungus tiles more productive which made terraforming more interesting and varied throughout the game.

Social Engineering - in SMAC this felt like a interesting choice in that you could combine different options to create your own government type with the specific bonuses that you wanted. I am sad this is missing from Pandora.

Few other minor niggles :

Game crashed on victory screen and also crashed the turn after I declared war for the second time
No obvious way of centering screen on currently selected unit
Trading pacts seemed to always give me 0 gold - the popup says it should be 10% of others income, so all the AIs had an income of 0?
Would be useful to be able to change order of production queue

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Re: Impressions after first game

Post by dalves » Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:48 pm

No improvements for water tiles so far.

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