Patch 1.0.5 for Alea Jacta Est available!

PC : AGEOD's series of Grand strategy games set during the Roman empire.

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Patch 1.0.5 for Alea Jacta Est available!

Post by Daniele » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:26 pm

Hi all,

Alongside the release of Hannibal: Terror of Rome and Parthian Wars as Steam DLCs for Alea Jacta Est we have released a patch that updates the game to the 1.0.5 version!
Direct links to AJE updates are here:

Alea Jacta Est
Birth of Rome
Hannibal: Terror of Rome

And here the changelog:

List of patch changes
- Generic AI significantly improved on most algorithms
- Revised and improved retreat logic for stacks
- You always get a 5% MC if you have a non-passive force in a region
- During a game, the AI can again be activated if previously set to inactive
- Supply filter ON continues to show regions that do not give supply in redorange,
but now regions wihich give supply are not "painted" (except regions
with depot that show a "pulsating" green)
- And several other improvements and fixes

All scenarios
- Major revision to starting control and loyalty of regions (all scenarios)
- Major revision of Models and Units DB, including: fix to several missing or
wrong "Home area" penalties for several leaders, fix to the "immortal" legatus
bug (due to no supply consumption), removal of "Home area" penalties for some
non-leaders units that still had them, and many fixes for template models
(Off/Def Fire, etc..)
- Fix to Good Population Administrator ability
- Skirmisher ability fixed for some Armenian, Cappadocian and Caucasian units
- Naval bases, Portus Comercius and River Ports cannot be razed

- AI scripts reworked and improved, or added, in: all AJE and PAR scenarios,
Spartacus scenario, and First Punic War scenarios (BOR)

Alea Jacta Est base game:
Great Mithridatic War scenario:
- Several fixes to Slave events
- Spartacus now will always appear in Neapolis

Year of the Four Emperors scenario:
- Several cities in Italy, North Africa and Illyria now have level 1

Severus 193 Scenario:
- Armenia remains neutral event can only happen until end of year 194
- Several cities (North Africa, Illyria) now have level 1 fortifications

Parthian Wars extension:
Crassus scenario:
- Fix to Eusebeia captured event results
- Fix to consequences of Parthian option to induce Comagena to switch sides

Caesar scenario
- Changed image of Pharnabazus II (Iberian leader)

Marcus Antonius Scenario:
- Fixes to the consequences of the Parthian option to induce Comagena to switch
sides and the subsequent possible roman event of treaty with Comagena

Traianus scenario:
- Cancel redundant Armenian invasion event
- Small fix to Osroene sues for peace event
- Remove double Singara as PAR objective
- Parthia Orientalis (Aspadana) now in control of rival Parthian king (BAR
faction) and is a PAR objective.

Birth of Rome game:
First Punic War 264 BC and 256 BC scenarios:
- MER and CEL replacements for CAR (affects BOR and HAN)

First Punic War 264 BC scenario:
- New event: in case of conquest of all Sicily by Carthage, the roman player wll
eventually get two new "free" generic leaders in Neapolis (if controlled) and
new naval and land forces available to be built
- Fix to off conditions for Corvus abandonned and Xantippos removed and Hannibal
replaced options
- Improvement to consequences of the "Hiero asks for peace" event (all
carthaginian non-syracusean units will be evacuated from Syracusae)
- Text added to explain that Corvus option can only be chosen while Caius
Diulius is Consul

Third Samnite War scenario:
- Small fix to Tarentum at war event
- Small fix to Samnite diplo option of Umbrian alliance

Ager Gallicus scenario:
- Magna Graecia regions blocked at start (unblocked by SPQ option to declare
- Tergeste region unblocked with Venetii alliance with Rome

Hannibal Terror of Rome game:
All SPW scenarios
- MER and CEL replacements for CAR (affects BOR and HAN)
- Cancel free CEL replacements event for CAR faction
SPW219, SPW218 and SPW216
- Rework of SYR units FP and replacements; added HvyArt replacements for CAR and
- Small fix to Hiero violent death event (tweak fo CAR and SYR force pool and
- Option to switch Syracusae to Carthage side now ups Syracusae and Catania CAR
loyalty by 75; rework of CAR force pool and replacements as consequence.
- Option to assassinate Hieronimus now lowers Syracusae CAR loyalty by 50
SPW219 and SPW218
- Syracuse supports Rome event now can happen only after May -216
- Iaca region blocked at start, will be unblocked with Ilergetes rebellion event
- Text added to better explain conditions for roman alliance with Northern
Tribes and Celtiberians
- Revolt of the Boii option now ups CAR loyatly of Mutina to 100%
- Syracusea supports Rome event can happen from start of scenario
- Roman diplo option of alliance with Northern tribes cancelled
- Ilergetes regions unblocked from scenario start
- Roman diplo option of alliance with Northern tribes cancelled
- Extra Bellatores unit in Ilergetes army
Illyrian war scenario
- Regions Aenis, Aetolia, Beotia, Dorida, Megarida, Arcadia, Corintha and Achaia
blocked at start (unblocked with Greek alliance Roman diplo option)
- Illyrian regions Grabaei and Chelidoni unblocked at start
- Small fix to Illyrian diplo option of peace with Epirus (no need to unblock
- Illyrian diplo option of peace with Dardania cancelled if victory by war

Gaesates scenario
- Syracusae region unblocked (Hiero's army remains locked unless Sicilia invaded
by the Gauls
- Tergeste region unblocked with Venetii alliance with Rome
- Tridentum region unblocked withh Cenomanii alliance with Rome

- Several minor corrections and additions

- The previous AJE, BOR and/or HAN patch changes are included in this
comprehensive patch, and will apply depending on what game(s) and/or DLCs you
- Due to the many changes made, saved games with previous versions may not be
compatible with this version.

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