SPM v. 0.7.20 is now available

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager (SPM) Road to the Moon is the ultimate game of space exploration.

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SPM v. 0.7.20 is now available

Post by Nacho84 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:41 pm

Hello all,

The latest update for SPM is now available! Please download it directly from the Matrix FTP at ftp://beta.matrixgames.com . When prompted, please specify the following username and password: SPMBetaTester/SpmBeta1114. I strongly recommend you to download the file using filezilla.

Inside the FTP you will find an installer file named SPM-Windows-Slitherine-0-7-20.exe, just download it and run it in order to overwrite the contents of your current installation folder.

This update includes some bugfixes and new mission animations. Make sure you check the full changelog here to get a complete overview of this release. Unfortunately Boris, our UI artist, experienced a pipe burst at his house last weekend, so that set us back with the mission animations. We'll be releasing yet another patch next Friday with more missions.

Looking forward to hear your feedback and your posts asking for more funds for the campaign!


Update: We have uploaded a new patch, SPM-Windows-Slitherine-0-7-20.1.exe. It contains some minor bugfixes to the goals dependencies for the soviet lunar missions. Feel free to install it on top of 0.7.20 or wait until next week's release of 0.7.21.
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