GTC modding limits at elements.txt and stratmap.txt

Close Combat: Gateway to Caen is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series and focuses on the largest, concentrated British offensive since the Normandy landings in an attempt to penetrate the German lines west of Caen and cross the Odon River to get the stalled advance moving again.

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2nd Lieutenant - Panzer IVF/2
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GTC modding limits at elements.txt and stratmap.txt

Post by Firefox440 » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:30 pm

Probably many of you feel how GTC was the last CC with the old engine and because it adds more additions than others, it was the best for modding. However, GTC was locked to many changes and it looks as if it was a deliberated act.

It adds these limits:

Stratmap.txt, the file where you add the settings for the strategic map, it has several numbers of lines coded. By this reason if the values at these lines are moved to other lines, the game will crash. You can not add more or less lines than in the original file. By this reason, probably you can not add more of 30 maps and the strategic map should not add more of 54 connections. If add less connections, you can not delete the non used lines from the 54 stocked connections.

Elements.txt, other file were the rows are coded and linked to the exe, if you add a new element, edit one or some more far from edit the name, the game will not load.

Just these two files will prevent that all the modding community create a full mod too different to the original.

At the end, personally, it is a piece of **** for modding. Because even if you add a mod with 30 maps, with no more arrows, you can not use a different elements file and by this reaso, if you maps from other previous mod or game, you must edit the elements from it, a lot of additional work which it could be easier if they had not added these stupid limitations.
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Re: GTC modding limits, a lot, probably the worse CC for mod

Post by SteveMcClaire » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:37 pm

Neither of these things were changed from Panthers in the Fog, or previous versions of the game. I suspect you are seeing some other issue, such as a mismatch between the stratmap.txt and the map, arrow, and front line trace images in the scrngadg.gdg file -- if these two things are out of sync, the game will not function properly.

As for the elements file, there have always been elements that the EXE relies upon being at a certain index. This is not new to Gateway to Caen. You can always add new elements to the end of the elements.txt file, and you can change the values (cover, or movement rate, for example) for any element, even the ones the EXE is relying upon.

If you're having a specific problem I would be happy to help with it, but please describe exactly the mod you're making to the game so I can reproduce it and see what's happening myself.



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