[Bug] Gemini Direct Ascent & Gemini EOR

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[Bug] Gemini Direct Ascent & Gemini EOR

Post by piggysanTH » Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:03 am

I found some bug in Gemini Direct Ascent & EOR Mission.
DA Mission
- All Gemini Direct Ascent that go to the moon.In mission control staff window.It show nothing.
EOR Mission
- Unmanned Sub-orbital test use 3 astronaut.[one for mission control and two for flight]
- Unmanned Sub-orbital test mission step show that it is "Manned Orbital Flight".
- Earth EOR Mission have only two mission type.Unmanned and Manned Sub-orbit test flight.[Not a bug.But why it don't have Orbital flight test?]
- Manned Sub-orbital flight is have "Reliability Penalty" even you make "Unmanned Sub-orbital test flight".
- Manned Sub-orbital flight mission step show that it is "Gemini Heat shield test in Medium earth orbit"

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Re: [Bug] Gemini Direct Ascent & Gemini EOR

Post by Nacho84 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:05 pm

Hello piggysan,

Thanks for reporting all these. The DA mission bug is fixed. You'll get it in the next patch, which I'm planning to upload tonight.

As for the EOR mission, the problem is that the mission names and descriptions were wrong. I will supply the correct ones in today's patch as well, then things will make a lot more sense.

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