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Post by wolfslair71 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:59 am

I see there are already several questions on this subject but I just wanted to see if anyone has any advice. i had issues downloading the game and update yesterday. the first time i downloaded the update i couldn't access the game or any of the dlc's at all. i got that bug fixed. i currently have the latest version installed with 64 bit. i then downloaded panzerkrieg, i have tried this several times. each time it tells me panzerkrieg installed but when i go to the main page the panzerkrieg icon is in gray instead of in color. the only thing i can do is try the campaign which allows me to play the first scenario and that works fine by the way. or it gives me the option to buy the dlc. which obviously i already have and have installed several times. any clue as to why the install does not allow me to access the game and what can be done?

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Re: panzerkrieg

Post by bru888 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:51 am

Reproducing posts from elsewhere:
VPaulus wrote:The hotfix was removed because wasn't fixing all the issues.
We are still looking this. Unfortunately, this is being harder to fix than we have anticipated in this morning.

If you really want to play this weekend I suggest you to uninstall the 64bit version of the game and install the 32bit in case you have uninstalled it.

You can download the 32 bit version fr ...

Then update to 5.2.0. You can download the update from the member's area. (*)

Please note that this issue is only happening with the 64 bit version of the stand alone game. The Steam version is working correctly.

We apologize for all the inconvenience.

(*)You can download games and updates from the Member's Area provided they are registered to the account. Please see the forum post below which explains how to do this:
bru888 wrote:For the time being, try this: ... 3&p=690704
- Bru

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