Does simulating history matter in OOB?

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Re: Does simulating history matter in OOB?

Post by terminator » Thu May 09, 2019 7:23 am

krakoburger wrote:
Wed May 08, 2019 8:25 pm
I'm going to think about the problem of simulating morale in OOB. If I am simulating history within OOB, this is an issue.
I've thought about this because of a couple of books I read on the Winter War after I started playing, and a paper on fighting the Russians in Winter ( ... s/chew.pdf) which had a chapter on the Suomussalmi- Raate Road Campaign that made me think that since I was playing the Finns, I had an advantage in morale, what they call "sisu." To simulate it in OOB all I could think to do was replay some of the battles with the AI's level dialed down and then back up as their morale improved. There is also the efficiency factor built in but I can't tell what the AI's condition is. Just wondering.
Morale is not simulated in OoB. The Morale factor is a very subjective.
It is simulated in some strategy games (John Tiller's Campaign Series) :

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Personally I prefer to have few combat factors but let these factors be clear that too many combat factors that make the combat prediction and outcome difficult to understand.

For OoB, we can possibly play on the aggressiveness of the AI to simulate the Morale (?)