‘41-‘43 soviet dlc wishlist

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‘41-‘43 soviet dlc wishlist

Post by GUNDOBALDO08 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:32 pm

Hi guys,
before it will be too later in relation to scheduled work, I would suggest our wishlist to devs about next soviet dlc.
Here my must important wish issue:
- new 3d in game model and GUI icon of soviet infantry;
- focus on axis non german forces;
- new soviet units: 76mm at gun, t34 flame (OT34), kv1s, t34-57, t70, snipers...
- new german units: pzII F, pzII Lucks, marder IIIM, stug IV and snipers

Any more?

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Re: ‘41-‘43 soviet dlc wishlist

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