Feedback on Gemini, Mars,Venus and Mercury missions

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Feedback on Gemini, Mars,Venus and Mercury missions

Post by HTower » Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:56 pm

For the Gemini missions that require two capsules, the screen is displaying only one of the pairings of reliability %'s for both launches. Space Craft A has 84% and 82%, Space Craft B had 83% and 78%. Only Space Craft B's astronauts numbers showed up for the entire mission.

For the Gemini Docking missions, the Agena rocket used the Astronauts %'s during launch when it is an uncrewed vehicle.

For the Venus and Mars missions, I saw a few places where probe separation from the booster was called "Probe Injection" Shouldn't that be "Probe Ejection" since the probe is leaving the booster and sloughing off the outer shell? I remember seeing this during the Pioneer Venus and Venera 11 missions specifically.

During the Mars 2 missions, second season, the map showing missions steps stopped updating after reaching the 5th step.

During the Mariner 10 Mercury Probe mission, in season 2, the graphics showed the probe, but it was the Atlas-Centaur Booster that appeared in mission equipment screen(and got an R&D boost during season 2).

And finally, I saw this text error after completing the Frog Otilith and Pioneer Venus orbiter missions. There is a hard return missing after the Pioneer Venus "Successful Mission" text. I checked after completing other seasons with multiple missions and each was on its own line.
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