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Annoyance - Readability and Display

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:37 am
by Drewpan
Hi Guys,

Playing 0.8.1 and still seeing a few readability issues.

After a mission when you are given the opportunity to review the icons of each skill or reliability etc
are nice and big, BUT the information about the change gets washed out and is unreadable because it
is the same colour as the icon. I have mentioned before that if you changed the font colour this would
fix this problem. I think the yellow would be best or a contrasting blue.

I have also noticed that the SPM logo on all of the start screen shots where they cycle through can be
a bit unreadable for the same reason as above so how about slightly modifying these too. Since the Graphic
is in the centre of the screen, if the Logo was moved slightly to the right and up a bit it would be much
more visible and in the majority of cases not be over the Graphic. This should be easily achievable if you
have either hard coded the graphic in position OR you have built each image separately.

Finally, I like the new Rocket and Hardware screens, but I would still like to see a small national flag
graphic associated with each image or the text. I know what hardware was used by who because I am
a Space/History buff but some younger players (or not so young) might find it easier (and learn something)
if they knew which country owned what as sometimes it is not obvious.

Great job guys.


Andrew (Drewpan)

Re: Annoyance - Readability and Display

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:33 am
by Nacho84
Hello Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback. Our UI artist is terribly busy working on the missing animations, but I'll see if I can grab him towards the weekend in order to fix the logo and discuss with him the font colour. I like the idea of the small national flag as well, I'll certainly try to fit it before release.