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Some Suggestions for better game

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:27 am
by lehovsky
HI All,

1. What would you say to implement few types of "EVA"? For now, we do have just one only. Can we have more of them?

- Level 1 - EVA to check if man can float (like Gemini 4)
- Level 2 - Check if a man can work in space (Gemini 9A, 10, 11 and 12)
- Level 3 - Deep Space EVA (Apollo J missions) - there could be a reliability penalty for EVA during J mission if Level 2 wasn`t completed. (BTW do we have this EVA in J mission program?)

2. For Gemini program I would Add a high orbit mission (docking with the Agena)
3. LLTV program. Any Commander to fly an Apollo LEM mission would have to be assigned to this program for at least 4 seasons. This program would also boost LEM development.
4. I would change prerequisites for LEM missions, allowing a high chance of success for LEM test in Earth and Moon orbit even if the Safety is below 80%. Why? Later stages of LEM developments were all about weight. She could fly a non landing mission, but was simply to heavy to land. Therefore only a >90% reliability LEM would qualify to land. 90% would mark the good weight border. For both USA and USSR campaigns.
5. Choosing a landing site. Like we have a duration level, we could have a Landing Difficulty Level.

- Level 1 - No reliability penalty (Near Equator)
- Level 2 - Pinpoint landing - (Near Surveyor) (reliability -3 to -5 % even if above was completed -this would be compensated by R&D for LEM being higher anyway)
- Level 3 - Scientists Desired space (-5 to -8)
- Level 4 - Dark Side of The Moon (-8 to - 12), this would require a 2 seasons lunar orbiter mission launched one season before this one.

Please let me know if above would be possible to implement even after the main release, since some of them would add depth and drama to the game, and prolong it after 1st landing.

Re: Some Suggestions for better game

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:10 am
by Drewpan

Some great ideas in my book. I have been talking to Ignaccio about some of this stuff and I am currently
putting together a "wish list" for BASPM 2. I think that in BASPM 2 we need to take into account such things
as the X Programs that ran parallel to the Space program but added a lot to the overall research. I also think that
we should " modularise" the launch stack to that we can develop such things as SRBs, and different upper stages
like Centaur, Agena and maybe even Thor. The Delta range of boosters that developed out of Jupiter and Redstone
would also be nice.

A more complicated budget management would also give the game much more "flavour" also, like Congress giving
more money to have a Female Astronaut, or a Launch Contract from a private company. Therefore the SPM would
need to balance research in different areas to achieve different goals. It is a management game after all.

Since the people who are signed up to these groups are the Beta testers and die hards like me, maybe we can
all put our wish lists into a single thread and get the ball rolling.


Andrew (Drewpan)

Re: Some Suggestions for better game

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:27 am
by nico7550

When we will be able to give our idea for the next part, please open one thread by idea.

Ideas list are confusing and most of time we cannot have answer for every idea.