F the Syrian War

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F the Syrian War

Post by elbradshaw2 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:04 am

I can not beat the Syrian War. I am playing on pc. I have four advance elephant infantry and the lose every time against one group of elephants. I have been stuck on this level for four months and can not beat it. Someone please help.

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Re: F the Syrian War

Post by pgeerkens » Sun May 17, 2015 6:11 pm

Hide the bulk of your army in the woods on the left hand side, on Long Hold. Behind the wood, place your missilers stacked (at least 4) against the left-hand side of the arena, with your very best anti-cavalry specialists and leader to their immediate right. Now shift them a few pixels to the right along the back line, so that the Seleucid Companions will not spot your main army as they release from Short Hold. Buy three Peasants as pin cushions and place them on long hold (1) immediate to the right of you anti-cavalry specialists; (2) against the back line right in front of Antiochus; and (3) half way between (1) and (2). The Peasants will channel Antiochus's elites against your anti-cavalry specialists where they simply hold while your missilers deflate them.

With Antiochus's elites dealt with, you need to take out his archers. the following units will have to slip backwards out of the wood and then along the backline into position, cavalry furthest to the right: the hardiest pincushions you can afford; one or two full strength melee troops; archers with extended range (available at Level 4); and your cavalry. Now launch as quickly in succession as you can your archers at the Thracian Pellastes; your in cushions forward to absorb arrows; and your cavalry against the archers; and finally your melee specialists behind the pincushions to assist the cavalry in taking out the Pellastes and archers.

With Antiochus' archers eliminated the rest of his army will be released successively as your archers target them. Keep the fight as close to your remaining missilers until the Galatian warriors are eliminated and you are home free.

As Anti-Cavalry specialists I prefer Triarii trained with the following skills in preference order:
1) Swordsman
2) Stand Firm
3) Anti-Cavalry Specialist
4) Endurance
5) Defence Against Cavalry
I only have need of one such unit, but I acquire it at the earliest opportunity, just prior to Samnites

Good luck. I have completed the entire Roman Campaign on Very Hard with a total ending prestige in excess of 1,145,000, but that took very many attempts to perfect.

P.S. Triarii can very usefully make use of a Sarissa upgrade once they are eligible, but don't consider equipping Spearmen with it - they lose too much on Chance to Hit and become powerless targets.

P.P.S. For this scenario Long Hold seems to be infinite in length; so take your time rearranging to take out Antiochus's archers. Make sure they do not target on any unit of your army until you are ready, or they will make mincemeat of your best troops in no time. On my most recent run through the campaign I completed this scenario with a prestige loss of only 205 to rebuild my keeper (ie non-pincushion) units. I have on occasion had good luck and completed it around the 150 prestige cost for keeper units.

Additional Training Hints available here: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=64736

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