Refinement thoughts

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Refinement thoughts

Post by pgeerkens » Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:39 am

Hi Slitherine,

I love your game. As a 'little green army men' fan from decades back, I have always been intrigued by miniatures, but intimidated by the book-keeping involved. With this game (and M44 from DOW, pardon the plug) I have again re-discovered my oldest hobby, and again fallen for it.

However, a few thoughts for your next game:

- Solve the 'magic elephant's navel pixel effect'. Trying to target units on elephants (or leaders) invariably takes 15 or 20 seconds,on pause, trying to locate the 1 lone pixel which is Dumbo's navel. This is even more frustrating than determing how to eliminate the dumb beasts.

- the AI needs more work. You have done a great job of simulating an AI, with well chosen way-points and timed troop releases, and by taking advantage of instinctive troop reactions. However, it seems that there really isn't an AI at the legate level, and the illusion often falls apart. In (a few) too many scenarios I could unwind the entire effect by lining up my army in a corner and simply waiting. Some simple rules to limit concentration of friendlies might go a long way to sustaining the illusion longer and in more battles.

- The Celtic campaign was too easy. Only some of the earlier battles were remotely challenging on Very Hard, then I simply coasted through. I had to keep checking that the difficulty level hadn't somehow slipped to Hard or even Normal. On one battle, where I am allowed some reasonable number of casualties, I won with only 6 casualties! My kill ratio was nearly 100 to 1, a truly 'Caesarian' result. Disappointing to run through the whole campaign in less than a weekend, after spending a month and a half to (almost) master the Roman campaign. (MIB still gives me fits, and I still always need some luck to win that one on VH.)

- On Advanced Formations: Why is 'Wedge' simply an inferior variant of 'Offensive & Balanced' yet not available earlier. Although Square has potential uses, the uselessness of Wedge makes the upgrade pointless by the time it is available. Either wedge should be available before Offensive & Balanced, or offer something O&B doesn't. One thought is that if Wedge were available alone at Level 4, say, it might be appealing as a Militia/Skirmisher/Scout upgrade in early battles, for the boost to Melee attack and order cost for units not part of the long-term core army.

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Post by IainMcNeil » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:47 am

Thanks for the feedback - we've attempted to address these sorts of issues with Great Battles of the Middle Ages which is currently in development.

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