Trample Avoid effects of various formations

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Trample Avoid effects of various formations

Post by pgeerkens » Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:37 pm

I will post this here as I have GBOR, but I believe the same values are likely true for LA - one can look it up in formations.csv:

Irregular Defensive: - 5
Irregular Offensive: + 5
Irregular Balanced: 0

Disciplined & Defensive: 0
Disciplined & Offensive: +10
Disciplined & Balanced: + 5

Wedge: + 5
Square: +20

There are a number of formations in this file which don't seem to apply to GBOR, or LA: SELine, NELine, Checkerboard Block, etc. But the values above are consistent with my observations of troop behaviour in GBOR. Many of you will have already discerned this, or looked it up yourself, but I thought worthwhile to write it down someplace other than the (rather cumbersome) formations.csv file.
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