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Beta Notes - Impressions - 5s

Post by ScotDamn » Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:41 pm

Below are my notes I took as I played the game. I'll dive in again tonight and leave more feedback. So far it seems it'll be a great game. :)

Time: 3:40 3/19/14
Device: iPhone 5s iOS 7.1

Beta Test Notes:
Title screen isn't sized correctly. "Frontline" is nearly completely cut off. The bottom appears cut off as well.

Wording in tutorial seems a bit off. Example: "Tap & Hold over an unit, ability or supply type to read extra informations" Most glaring is "an unit" on at least a couple occurrences.

Initial Impressions - 30 minutes
After playing the first 2 missions, my initial impressions are good. The game seems very approachable while still having plenty of tactical elements you'd expect in a war game. The graphics are a bit weary and the battlefields are on the smaller side but still open with lots of terrain penalties and bonuses. I feel the game could use a zoom out function on the iPhone. Overall I do like the graphics and little touches like rain drops.

30 minutes in and I'm optimistic. @4:30

Completed Brody @5:30. Total time in game including tutorial slides (launched at 3:40) to completion of Brody, almost 2 hours. I did take it slow.

Beta Test Notes:
The capturing of Brody mission I came acorss some text that explains the "transport ability" with the Pak 40. The text doesn't completely fit in the pop-up tutorial window, cutting off the last few words: "in the same turn".

Longest mission yet. My biggest gripe so far has to do with the difficulty. It seems much too easy which kind of takes the strategy away. If you're able to just rush forward with whatever units and spam attacks, it becomes a slow turn based "action" game.

I'm not sure what I think of the resource points. I do like the idea of them and I believe they can be used more strategically if balanced and implemented right, but as it is, it seems to give you an added edge within a game that's already super easy.

I think the developer needs to balance the resource points. Also maybe you could add flank attack bonuses so positioning means more?

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Re: Beta Notes - Impressions - 5s

Post by IonutG » Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:42 am

Hi ScotDamn,
Great feedback on Pocket Tactics and again great feedback here,

Thank you for the text bugs, we will correct them,

The game will feature a pinch-zoom option,

The first maps are easy enough as we we are taking the player though the various mechanics of the game, later in if you will spawn attack it will not work as you will encounter different enemies groups and players will need to plan ahead.

You are right, the first maps are too easy and we'll balance them better.

Position bonuses will also be present to be able to encircle units.

Thank you again for your time


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