Patch 1.03 is available!

The new game by Ageod that is set during The Great War
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Patch 1.03 is available!

Post by Tamas » Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:08 pm

Dear players,

The new and long awaited patch 1.03 is now available through the game launcher. If you have any issue updating the game, you can post here.

Here is also the actual patch file, if you prefer this method: ...

Here is the changelog:

This patch is a comprehensive patch. It can upgrade to latest version any previous version of EAW. This patch is save-compatible.


Others stacks in a region are now listed with more details in the stack tooltip
Leaders of different nations, for the same side, don't compete anymore in the same chain of command
Traffic rule improved
Absorbing a faction put back garrisons in newly gained cities
You now gain 5% MC in regions in all cases you have non passive units. Most of the time, winner also gets a significant portion of the loser’s MC, in case of battle.


losses of ships are now properly logged in the message panel
Forces Listing: more orders for the 'order column'. Can now be sorted
4 more indicators in battle report: failed morale, failed retreat, retreat attempts, full unit capture
promoting non stack leader bug fix
owner in region tooltip. neutral region indication / diplo

Historical setting, data and events

- Tweaked air parameters in GameLogic.opt to reduce lethality of air combat and balance losses more proportionately, while still allowing aces to have a noticeable upper hand.
- Reduced number of missions air units can fly in Models, and reduced AirCombat stats
- Implemented a change to the submarine warfare events, where if the ENT is AI controlled, GBR can take at most 1 loyalty point hit per turn, as the AI doesn't put enough emphasis on the importance of keeping transports in the Atlantic Box. This should minimize the effects vs the AI while still giving some incentive to maintain submarine efforts in the Atlantic.
- National Morale balancing events have been put into place to help wide discrepancies prior to 1916.
- Updated diplomatic option events to disable if used on the same turn the option off criteria fires (e.g., bug was occurring when Austria granted territorial concessions to Italy on the same turn Italy joined Entente). This is now corrected for all diplomatic events.
- Corrected Tank model to allow them to participate in Assaults (needed to properly use their Disrupt ability)
- Fixed an error in the 1914 scenario where French armies were not spawning correctly
Added end victory screens for Tutorial & Tannenberg


- Roughly 50% increase in turn processing speed!

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