Trample and Hit-and-Run archers

Hell is a turn-based tactical skirmish strategy game developed by award winning developer Hunted Cow in partnership with Slitherine.

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Trample and Hit-and-Run archers

Post by VR_Nocturne » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:06 am

I admit to hating lucky instant death things in games.

That said, I think Trample is borderline ridiculous, especially getting to use it more than once in a unit's turn.

I think it should have a penalty to hit and at the very least limit it to one use per unit's turn. This trample, kill, move, trample, kill, move thing is just overpowered. Not to mention "I'll keep doing it until I get lucky against your buffed, leveled unit in cover" is just as bad.

Honestly, I think it should work like Piercing Bolt - a chance to do 2 damage instead of 1 and drop the instant kill thing.

Also, does it ignore the unit's actual melee skill? I ask because I cast Confusion on a hell hound, it worked, so it's melee skill was 1. I looked at the combat log and it didn't seem to factor. The skill seems to have it's own LTE regardless of unit skill? Or is the LTE so low that it really doesn't matter and it just comes down to dice luck and that's it? I think that should be looked at. Renders buff/debuff/cover meaningless in trying to mitigate Trample's success rate.

Another thing is the hit-and-run at will archers. I think that's also a bit ridiculous. I think firing should at least consume MP so if they can move again, it's not far and it depends on how far the unit moved prior to firing (different units have different "can still shoot after moving" ranges so that stays and maybe puts in more strategy than just "move as far as I can because I'll get to move back to where I was after").

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Re: Trample and Hit-and-Run archers

Post by IronFist00 » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:44 am


I don't understand the rational of allowing trample to insta-kill a unit regardless of HP, level, XP and then allow it twice while a unit like Spearmen can't even use Lance twice and it doesn't insta-kill.

This is the problem some of BA2 has, way too much RNG. The randomness has to be tightened up. Also thing using 1D12 would have been a better move for the RNG.

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