scenario trouble on ipad

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scenario trouble on ipad

Post by KhanDam2 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:47 am


I play Pike & Shot on Ipad and i have trouble recently

i try to download scenario Tannenberg 1410 solo on my ipad,

the download process work correctly and at the end ( i don't know if it's time for the ipad to sleep or if it's due by the program ) but my ipad is go black.
so when i switch on it and return to pike & shot so
i don't have scenario in my stock of solo game and don't show it in the downloadable scenario ?

is there an operation to re check scenario already on ipad or can i reload it on server with url ( in this case how to obtain this url ?) or what can make to solve this trouble

Thanks in advance for your answer

Regards from france

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Re: scenario trouble on ipad

Post by rbodleyscott » Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:01 pm

Hmm, I have just downloaded it on my iPad and it seemed to work fine.

It is, however, quite a large file (over 15 Mb, larger than any of the mods other than Sengoku Jidai) perhaps your iPad did not have enough spare space for it at that time?

If the scenario does not appear in the Historical list on your iPad, the only way I know of to delete it (assuming there is a corrupted version of it on your iPad, otherwise it should appear in the download list) would be to uninstall Pike and Shot from your iPad and reinstall it. You would then need to re-download all the scenarios you wanted to use.

There isn't a URL to redownload it outside of the in-game process.
Richard Bodley Scott


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