Making SP Scenario Intros Match the Vanilla Game

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Making SP Scenario Intros Match the Vanilla Game

Post by rbodleyscott » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:52 am

The default Scenario Description Exporter Wizard intro format is not the same as the vanilla SP scenario intros - if you want to reproduce that layout, you need to follow the instructions below:

1) Use the editor Scenario Description Exporter wizard to export the strings you want to use. However, ONLY enter text in the top two boxes. The whole of your scenario description should therefore be in the box labelled "Part 1:". If you want it to contain linefeeds, use the tilde character "~". When you have finished typing your text hit the Export Description button.
2) Look in the main game installation to find a vanilla SCENUI file (e.g. /Campaigns/1ThirtyYearsWar/Data/UI/SCENUI_Lutter.txt).
3) Copy this into your campaign's UI folder which you will find at /Documents (or My Documents)/My Games/PSCAMP/Campaigns/WhateverYourCampaignIsCalled/Data/UI
4) Delete the SCENUI file created by the wizard for your scenario. It will be called SCENUI_MyScenarioName.txt (whatever that name is)
5) Rename the copy of SCENUI_Lutter.txt to SCENUI_MyScenarioName.txt (whatever that name is)
6) Do a "search and replace all" on the SCENUI_MyScenarioName.txt file - i.e. Search for Lutter and replace all instances with MyScenarioName (whatever that name is).
7) Copy the file BACKDROP.DDS from one of the vanilla campaigns (e.g. /Campaigns/1ThirtyYearsWar/ into /Documents (or My Documents)/My Games/PSCAMP/Campaigns/WhateverYourCampaignIsCalled

If you have done all this correctly, when you load up your campaign, your scenario intro will then appear in the usual vanilla format.

If you subsequently want to edit your text, don't use the wizard as this will overwrite the SCENUI file. Edit the strings directly using Notepad, Notepad++ or another text editor. (Don't use Word or you may get unexpected results).
The strings can be found in
/Documents (or My Documents)/My Games/PSCAMP/Campaigns/WhateverYourCampaignIsCalled/text9.txt
and are called IDS_SCENARIO_MyScenarioName for the title, and IDS_SCENARIO_DESC_MyScenarioName for the description. (Ignore IDS_SCENARIO_DESC_B_MyScenarioName etc.)

The character to use for a linefeed is the tilde: "~".


For the campaign intro, you need to add the intro strings to the text9.txt file. Example:

IDS_CAMPAIGN_NAME,"Powick Bridge 1642",
IDS_CAMPAIGN_TEXT,"England 1642~~Blah blah blah",

You then need to add a copy of the file


which you will find in /Campaigns/1ThirtyYearsWar/Data/UI/


/Documents (or My Documents)/My Games/PSCAMP/Campaigns/WhateverYourCampaignIsCalled/Data/UI
Richard Bodley Scott


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