Fictional scanarios

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Fictional scanarios

Post by DukeDavid » Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:53 pm

Most of the games in Pike & Shot are based on real battles which means that the side that won the real battle usually wins. I would like to suggest that there is room for fictional battles in periods from Medieval to Napoleonic using existing terrains but giving players a number of points to spend on units available at during the selected time period. This should provide battles in which both sides are approximately equal. This fictional scenarios would have to be clearly seperated from the existing scenarios so that players know what they are selecting.

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Re: Fictional scanarios

Post by Athos1660 » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:09 pm


If you like, you can download Scenarios in game, modify them in the Scenario Editor, deleting/adding units, and play with them.

Using the Editor is quite easy and fun (Instructions, manual section 20, p. 59-71).

You can also create scenarios, play with them and I guess that, if you want to, you can share them on the forum.

+ SP/MP skirmishes.

So IMHO there are quite a lot of opportunities for non-historical/fictional scenarios/battles :-)


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Re: Fictional scanarios

Post by Paul59 » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:44 pm

I havn't played much Pike and Shot for over two years, but if my memory is correct the vanilla historical battles are designed to be a good challenge regardless of who actually won in history.

As for the user created historical battles, it really depends on what the designer was trying to achieve. Some are happy to just replicate the battle as historically as possible, but others will tweak the scenario to make it an interesting challenge for the player, regardless of who won historically. I think my first scenarios tended to be just straight replications, but later on I began to design them to be a difficult challenge.

Also, just because a battle was won by a particular side in history, does not necessarily make it an easy win for that side in the game. Take my Battle of Narva scenario for instance, it was a decisive win for the Swedes in reality (6,000 Swedes versus 40,000 Russians?), but I had to make drastic changes to the scenario to give the Swedes a chance, such is the vast disparity in army sizes.

There is always the Skirmish generator if you want to make a quick equal points battle, although the battles are too generic for my liking and lack the character that can be built into a user created scenario. So I think your idea has some merit, if there are some historical battles that are too easy, it would be possible to edit them to make them a challenge as Athos suggested in his last post.
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