The great "Fix the dialogue" thread

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The great "Fix the dialogue" thread

Post by thepuffin » Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:49 pm

Act 1 - Invasion

"It is a relief to be assigned as your, communications adjunct" <-- remove that comma
", Commander, my faith has been tested of late with the death of my family in the initial Ork air strike even as they celebrated the day of the Emperor's Ascension, so I need some... stability..." <-- this is what we call a 'run-on' sentence and is common throughout the game. You need to break these long sentences into smaller ones that contain fewer clauses.

A better way of writing this dialogue might be:

"Commander, I am relieved to have been assigned to you as your communications adjunct. Since the death of my family in the initial Ork air strike I have been in need of...stability... Our mission is to return to Hive Death Mire and investigate the deserted perimeter outposts. We must discover what the Greenskins are up to."

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Re: The great "Fix the dialogue" thread

Post by Razz1 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:34 am

Many of the directions for North South East and West are not capitalized.

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Re: The great "Fix the dialogue" thread

Post by zakblood » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:41 am

if like me you have no idea of the concept of war hammer, the dialogue issues won't really matter, as you just press the mouse to get past it if you either don't understand it, or buy into it, as a story is only as good as the teller, and if you know nothing really about it, then you care less...

most won't care, and those that do, will be hard core fan's, and for them nothing will do it justice anyway, so love hate in equal measures...

if there were in txt files i'd spend the time and check, as it only takes to seconds with a half decent spell check any way, but there now in a stand format and by now i guess all that is going to be done, has been anyway....

longer and more detail would have been nice, but target buyers? maybe it's not needed...

background and more unit info, same again see answer above as same applies...

new users myself, well by the time they get this far, they have bought it anyway, so that doesn't really matter, so a link somewhere to wiki will be fine in the manual...

towards the end of a second whole game play through now, and have really enjoyed it, some good missions and maps, story parts and dialogue by now just gets clicked quickly to get by it, as it adds nothing what so ever to me to the game, like a poor demo of some ones else game added to disk to fill in, to me it's like the intro, good, but not good enough to warrant a second look, which is a shame as the effort that went into it, is meaningless to some like me..

fun to test, glad to help out, will spend and take what's needed before it gets released to help out in any small way i can with continued testing and playing, but wouldn't buy it in the end, or use it even if it gets given free...

no real appeal or replay value for me, game play is good, but too mission lead with not many choices or options to make your own, which was the same problem for me with panzer corps in the end, its the same old thing all over again, bump and grind, fun at first but doesn't last long enough to be a purchase or use up my free time / money with either....

so a tried and tested method yes, but also tired as well, there's no skirmish, no random maps, no replay with totally different units after you have finished it, so for me would play once and then only when a mod came out, so rest of the time would just sit there taking up space, and tbh i have 20+ of the same already doing the same thing, too short with no re play value once finished, so low end, low cost budget or sale purchase value game only....

sorry to be negative, as i really do like it, but as i no longer play panzer corps for the same reasons, i don't or wouldn't go down the same route either with this, i came to test, i came to be honest, and i'm only doing both still, as all feedback is feedback, it doesn't have to be liked or only what everyone wants to hear, i have enough friends already, so hope i haven't upset either anyone here with any of my comments in any threads on the beta forum, if i have them it wasn't meant and im sorry now for it and apologies now whole heartedly :oops:

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Re: The great "Fix the dialogue" thread

Post by Galdred » Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:12 pm

Act 3 scenarion 1 : " As well as the natural risks, there is Helsreash port, the navy minded it". Should be mined it

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