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Editor questions

Post by Valad » Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:07 am

I'm currently a week into building a scenario but I'm stuck on a script which isn't working. It's basically a timed reinforcement, with a message and a map focus on the newly arrived reinforcements. For some reason the map does not focus on the reinforcements at the beginning on the players turn.

Is there any other triggers etc I need to add other than:

Trigger turn [8]
Run at beginning of side 1 turn
Run count 1
Skip count 0
Center on hex [10,10]

The above trigger is not working.

Two more quick questions about the editor:

What difference does it make to an AI unit if you set it to berserk?

Is it possible to group a number of AI units set as reinforcements entering the map in a variable timed trigger? Example: 10 units, each with a trigger to enter the map between turn 10 and 20. All will come in separately, possibly even 1 per turn for 10 turns, but I would want them all to appear together but still on a variable timer. I haven't tried tags yet, but I'm guessing a way around this would be to set one with the existing trigger and the rest will appear the same or following turn once the unit with the tag has appeared? Is that possible?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Editor questions

Post by fsx » Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:29 pm

If you use the vanilla version 1.04, please send the scenario.
I would check it.

berserk - I guess this unit attacks even when it is muche weaker as the attacked unit.

Place your reinforcemnets onto the map with trigger "check tag xx". Make a trigger with time condition 9 and 18. (The triggered units appears at the begin of the turn, if the player moves first.) and random 10% at the end of turn, run 10. --> add tag xx
Make a trigger at turn 19 end of the turn --> add tag xx

It is not exact, because the random value should be differnt for each turn
in turn 9: 10% = 1/10
10: 1/9
11: 1/8
18: 1/2

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