Tens of New Units to Steel Legion and All Space Marines

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Tens of New Units to Steel Legion and All Space Marines

Post by deranzo » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:02 am

I've developed new mod contains tens new units to Steel Legion tens of new units to all Space Marine chapters in the game.

- 99% of sounds are renewed from various sources over internet.
- Some new units have new attacking animations.
- All Steel Legion and Space Marines' healths are increased 1 point. Some heavy/super heavy vehicles/walkers/titans helaths are increased 2-3 points. Defences are same. New units' healths and defences are modified according to original units.
- I've edited some weapons' stats to be more canon-accurate. For example a space marine's bolter was doing very less damage. I simply updated its shot count, so with the space marine's accuracy and abilites it does much more damage.
- Some units are simply remade/re-cut/re-pasted of existing models. For example I've cut Vindicator Demolisher's demolisher cannon and dozer blade and pasted it onto the land raider and after few tweaks to be accurate, I've created Land Raider Ares. So, don't expect completely new skinned units.
- I didn't worked too much to create perfect models, so some same units from different Chapters may seem different in size and shadows.
- Almost all units after Update 1 are taken from various internet sources (mostly from GW and Forgeworld), so they may not seem perfectly blended in units.
- You know units have 6 different facing directions in the game but some units I've found over internet had only 1 or 2 facing directions so, you will see only 1-2 facing directions for some units.

Fixed missed image errors, added all Imperial Knights, new dreadnoughts, new Warlord Titan variant, changed some sound effects, added few non-canon units, added 4th weapon to some units (but they are in the game as only with animation, sound effects and damage calculations. They will be in the game with completely reformed gui screens).

Added Adeptu