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[Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:53 pm
by Aekar
Hello guys,


Total Conversion and New Set of Rules

Mod status:
Campaigns are playable, tests are in progress
Release expected this summer
Documentation (last update: 11th July)
Test version (0.02, last update: 11th July, to play: download, launch, choose Eternal War campaign, and choose 47th Infantry Regiment)
(please backup your "Graphics" and "data" ; this mod includes modifications for blue laser turned into red for imperials)

What do you get?
  • Total conversion mod, with new units, weapons, new combat system, new factions and old factions being revisited. (vanilla campaigns/scenarios/units are kept unchanged and are safe)
  • Several dynamic campaigns with detailed briefings and tense, realistic scenarios.
  • Campaign decisions allow you to choose your Faction, choose a Legion from this faction, then pick a Brigade or Company!
  • For instance, as Imperial Guard you may choose to command an Infantry Brigade, an Armored Brigade, a Cavalry Brigade or a Mixed Brigade.
  • Every campaign will be tailored with unique dialogues, a unique regiment's army list, and events based on your decision.
  • Missions involve squad-size infantry combat (2 men, 5 men units), tough decisions to make and casualties to expect.
  • New pace, weapon system and targeting reworked, a hundred new weapons....
  • And multiplayer will be proposed. Imagine varied challenges among players. Can the Cadian 8th defeat the 16th cavalry? Pitch them against other forces of the Imperium, and later, Xenos and Chaos.
Army lists and Campaigns currently featured (4):
(started with Steel Legion to keep focus on improving other mod features)
  • 47th Infantry Regiment of the Steel Legion
  • 273rd Armoured Regiment of the Steel Legion, 'The Steel Vultures'
  • 16th Fast Attack Regiment of the Steel Legion, 'The Tank Busters'
  • 116th Mechanized Regiment of the Steel Legion
Later released (23):
  • Attilan Rough Riders 264th Cavalry Regiment (ALL CAVALRY!)
  • Cadian 8th Shock Troopers, 'The Lord Castellan's Own'
  • Cadian 43rd Shock Troopers, 'The Broken Sword' (black and red camouflage)
  • Cadian 172nd Air Support Regiment
  • Cadian 212th Armoured Regiment
  • Catachan 2nd Regiment, 'The Green Vipers' (Catachan Devil Squads)
  • Catachan 17th Regiment, 'The Screaming Devils' (best snipers)
  • Catachan CIVVI Regiment, 'The Red Cobras' (incendiary weapons)
  • Death Korps 1st Armored Divison, 'Emperors Loyal Shield'
  • Death Korps 152nd Siege Regiment (many Centaurs)
  • Death Korps 616th Line Regiment (many infantry)
  • 41st Elysian Drop Troops 'Angel Guard'
  • Mordian 50th Infantry Regiment, 'Fort Baton Regulars'
  • Mordian 12th Armoured Regiment (exactly 13 Leman Russ tanks allowed)
  • Mordian 3rd Heavy Tank Company
  • Tallarn 16th Infantry Regiment, 'The Gravediggers'
  • Tallarn 9th Heavy Tank Regiment, 'The Blue Devils'
  • Tanith First and Only 2nd Light Infantry
  • Valhallan Ice Warriors, 2nd Polar Guard
  • Valhallan Ice Warriors, 18th Light Infantry Regiment, 'The Tundra Wolves'
  • Valhallan Ice Warriors, 888th Artillery Regiment, 'The Frostburners'
  • Vostroyan 241st Firstborn Regiment, "Improvised Regiment" (adopts other tactics)
  • Vostroyan 24th Heavy Armoured Regiment, "The Iron Bloods"
Once the Imperial Guard is complete, I'll continue with the Space Marines, then Xenos and Chaos.
I am really sorry for not releasing this mod sooner, when I started modding in 2016.
Doing an army list is one thing, making great unit arts is another.
I am not a graphic artist so please feel free to give a help if you feel inspired :)

This mod is not made to infringe on Games Workshop copyrights on recent publishings.
It is currently made from 4th to 6th editions codexes and Lexicanum.

This mod is not made to infringe on Slitherine Studios regarding DLC content:
- there will be a "no DLC required" version, with less unit skins,
- and a "full DLC required", which uses or adapts some of the new unit skins. Note that the Weirdboy DLC is not required in this case.

Download links:

For Vanilla Armageddon with DLC:
Coming soon.

For Vanilla Armageddon with NO DLC:
Coming soon.

For Community-version Armageddon:
Coming soon.

Documentation (0.1):

Why a documentation?

It details all currently available factions and units;
It reveals many special rules to enjoy while playing;
It is great (but not mandatory) to know more and use this mod at its best :)



Installation instructions:
Locate your steam Armageddon game folder.
Save your \data folder by making a copy of it.
Install and replace existing files.

Vanilla Version:
- makes use of common traits. For instance the Chem Cannon will use the 'Terror' trait as replacement effect.

Community Update Version:
- makes use of improved traits. For instance the Chem Cannon uses the 'InfantryKiller' trait, etc.
The new unit rules are called the "Tabletop Armageddon Rules" (TAR for intimates).

It as a new set, simulating the Tabletop experience but not being the exact TT, as it bears a large number of adaptations and choices of implementations.
I understand many modders had already such a will. I think it is great. This is an important objective.
A consistent set of rules is also absolutely necessary because it adds balance.
When you add a faction, if you have a consistent way of doing conversion, you will be better regarding balance.

Many things are untested and subject to change.
Everything below is subject to obvious balance modifications later.
Everything marked with a "***" is under special scrutiny.

Current units count:
28 units and 81 variants

(but hey, it's only week 1 :) )


Unit stats
- Default movement is now 2 for all infantry units.
- Default spotting range is now 4 for all infantry units.
- Scouts will have a huge spotting range (6 to 8 ).
- Toughness 3 converts to 45 Defense. +1 gives +15 Defense. So Toughness 4 has 60 DEF, and so on.
- Strength 3 converts to 45 Attack. +1 gives +15 Attack. So Strength 4 has 60 ATK, and so on.
- Ballistic 3 (BS 3) converts to 60 % accuracy. Combined with a normal weapon (85 %, see below), and a distance of 2, you should have 50 % or less hit chances, which sounds proper (you hit with 4+ on tabletop). +1 BS gives +15 % Accuracy. (EDIT: changed to 45 % accuracy, for gameplay)
- Weapon Skill 3 (WS 3) converts to 45 % accuracy. +1 WS gives +15 % Accuracy.
- Armor gives +5 Defense per Armor Save point, and +10 Defense per Invulnerable Save point.
- The average value of members the squad is used for: Melee Combat, Accuracy, Defense. For instance if you have a unit with 60 Melee and 4 others with 45 Melee, the squad will display 48 Melee (usually rounded up to 50 Melee, actually).
- Squad sizes is now made consistent squad sizes with tabletop*** ; for instance 5 men etc.
- Because units receive many more weapons than they should in the computer game - there is no difference between members of a unit: you have as many weapons as you have men - there are some resilience bonuses:
- Strong Health Rule (SHR): Units always use the base health of their best resilient unit. For instance if your officer has 3 Health and your other men have 1, your squad will display 3 Health, unless balance request to do otherwise.
- There are some exceptions to the SHR rule; usually used for granularity between units and balance.
- Units also all have +1 additional HP. For balance reasons, this is not applied to some numerous units such as Conscripts.
- Large formations (variants with more men) usually have -5 Defense, -5 Melee, -5 Accuracy, -1 Initiative and -1 Spotting. Sometimes they will also have less movement points.
Slower move = more importance given to range, flanking, support fire.
Also, flanking is no longer relying on foot units, but only on fast units.

Vehicle stats
- Vehicles will usually keep very low spotting range values (1 or 2).
- Base movement shall be 4 or 5. "Fast" means at least +2 movement.
- Melee Accuracy will be 1 %, except for vehicles equipped with close combat weapons and with a Weapon Skill (WS).
- Ballistic 3 (BS 3) converts to 60 % accuracy. (like for units) +1 BS gives +15 % Accuracy.
- Vehicles will usually have more Defense that in vanilla, because the TT weapon conversion can lead to devastating penetration and damage (as suitable).
- An average between flank and frontal armor will be taken as "Vehicle Base Armor". VBA will translate into 9 DEF per point, and 1 HP per 2 points (rounded down).
- This means that a Raider, which has 10 Armor on all sides, has 10 VBA. This converts into 90 Defense. Lasguns in this ruleset (or any 3 STR weapon) have 5% chances to damage it.
- Open-topped vehicles will receive +2 Spotting but -10 DEF. The Raider is Open-topped, so then has 80 Defense.

Range conversion:
- All close combat weapons are range 0-0 and give the 'Assault' trait to their bearer.
- All 6'' range and 12'' range weapons (usually pistols) are range 1-1 and will then be fired in melee range (they are fired when engaging and retaliating to close combat).
- All 18'' range weapons are range 2-2. Dispersion from range is at -10 % per hex.
- All 24'' range weapons are range 2-3. Dispersion from range is at -10 % per hex.
- All 36'' range weapons are range 2-5. Dispersion from range is at -10 % per hex.
- All 48'' range weapons are range 2-7. Dispersion from range is at -8 % per hex.
- All 72'' range weapons are range 2-11. Dispersion from range is at -6 % per hex.
- Armor Penetration (AP) is of 15 % per AP from 6. Meaning AP 5 gives 15 % pen, AP 4 gives 30 % pen, AP 3 gives 45 % pen, AP 2 gives 60 % pen.
- Weapons which ignore all armor receive 75 % penetration.

Ranged Weapons:
- All ranged weapons usually default to 85 % accuracy, instead of 100, so as to allow roughly 1 chance out of 6 to fail.
- Ranged Weapons will usually have 1 shot.
- Weapons with Assault X, Rapid Fire X, receive X number of shots instead of 1.
- Weapons with Salvo X/Y will receive a number of shots equal to the middle value (2/4 will give 3 shots), rounded up.
- Weapons with Heavy X receive X number of shots instead of 1 and the Bulky trait, which prevents retaliation with this weapon.
- Ranged Weapons will usually receive 6 Ammo. (however I don't think ammo is managed yet by the game)

Melee weapons:
- Close combat weapons receive 1 shot, +1 per model Attack above 1, and +1 per Attack given by the weapon.
For instance, a weapon giving +1 Attacks then has 2 shots. A model with 2 attacks also gives +1 shot. Separate versions of weapons may have to be made for separate models if one has more attacks.
- Close combat weapons will usually receive infinite Ammo.
- Weapons with a randomized number of attacks will receive an averages number of shots, rounded up. For instant, bladevanes have D3 attacks, which will translate into 2 shots. Caltrops have D6 attacks, which will translate into 4 shots.

Other weapon rules:
- Grenades will become range 2-2 weapons with 2 ammo (not managed yet by the game), and 50 % base accuracy (to compensate for non-ammo management); OR 1-1 weapons with 'Bulky' trait to use it only when attacking.
- Weapons or attacks which reroll fails (ie. Twin-linked etc) receive +30 % accuracy (115 instead of 85). They can still fail, but from other parameters only (distance, great defense).
- Weapons which ignore armor and roll an automatic dice to wound, receive a penetration bonus from their hit score score (6+ = 15 %, 5+ = 30 %, 4+ = 45 %).
- Weapons which give an automatic kill, will either receive 1 shot with 99 % penetration, or 30 shots with 75 % penetration.
- "Blast" weapons receive Siege (which has no effect except in Community Upgrade) and +1 Shot.
- "Large Blast" weapons receive Siege (which has no effect except in Community Upgrade) and +2 Shots. But one shot weapons won't receive that bonus, and receive +20 accuracy instead.
- "Skyfire" is replaced with the Trait for "AA".
- "Gets Hot" gives you -3 ammo (not managed yet by the game)
- Weapons which cause Rending or other detrimental / weakening effects will instead receive the Terror trait.
- Weapons which hit from other sources (bladevanes etc) are translated into close combat weapons with a base Attack and a number of shots.
- Weapons which give bonuses to the model, and nothing else, will be translated into new unit variants (if it is an optional weapon) or base bonuses (if automatic), but will not appear as a weapon.

- Purchase price is from the tabletop. Rough conversion is 1 Tabletop cost = 5 Requisition, to keep things simple.
- The unit costs won't be balanced with the vanilla game, so all units from the vanilla game will also have separate versions in time.

Loadout choices
- Many loadout options and variants are allowed by the TT.
- We want to propose as many as possible...
- ... but the objective is to have interesting loadout setups; while testing, we sometimes have to remove a loadout (a unit variant) because it just did not make sense gameplay-wise in the computer game.
- Some skills/powers/etc might not be convertible or will be lost and sacrified to the Ruinous Powers.

Other notes (ie Dark Eldar conversion)
- A large number of things are impossible to introduce "as is", so I took my own decision regarding these.
- For instance, Dark Eldar have access to Fleet, Combat Drugs or Pain Tokens.
- Fleet has been replaced by +1 Movement for some units, and is otherwise canceled.
- Combat Drugs have a large number of effects (bonus attacks, run chances, weapon skill ...). I decided that its effect will be +1 WS.
- Pain Tokens have a large number of effects, usually topping with Fearless. I decided to cancel this on normal units, and grant Fearless to elite units with access to Pain Tokens.
- Wych Dodge has been replaced by +1 Toughness. I could not separate range from close combat, so I split the bonus in two.
- Mandrakes will always have their Baneblast available (not awaiting a Pain Token), as they won't benefit from Stealth or Infiltrate.
- Unfortunately, Grotesque won't be able to Berserk.
- Talos Chainflails add 2 attacks instead of the best of a die.



I work on these items first!
Conversion of tabletop units and factions will follow.


The mod is a free and non commercial, artistic work
It makes use of elements copyrighted by Games Workshop (TM).
All rights are reserved to their respectful owners.
Games Workshop doesn't support the mod, or its author, and is in no way affiliated or related to them.

The mod or its author never received or asked for GW endorsement.
The mod also makes extensive use of arts, some of which may be covered by their own copyrights and license.
The purpose here is just to provide hobbyists with some non-commercial fun and entertainment.

In any case, links to GW references and stores will be provided to access the mod materials:
- Ork Faction: Codex 4th edition.
- Astra Militarum: Codex 6th edition.
- The Dark Eldar Codex (7th Edition)
- etc.

Links and credits to art sources will also be made whenever possible.

Re: [Mod] New Community Ruleset (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:25 am
by Parallax
I'm a big fan of Armageddon, but tabletop rules not reflect real combat. I'm playin Japhet's mod right now and some aspects looks very weird. Tank destoryer can't kill artillery, heavy weapon team with frag missiles desroy infantry in trenches with a single shot. I think you should use devs version of stats to create new mods or units. I'm still interested in new mods and campaigns and help you to test them. We can pick a map for testing new units and stats and test mod updates step by step, unit by unit to be sure it works perfect :)

Re: [Mod] New Community Ruleset (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:19 am
by Aekar
Hello Parallax!

Thank you for your proposal, we'll look specifically into that!
As you noted the idea is to use the Codexes to create units, but current TAR mod is more motivated toward simulation.
Also it is used to have a consistent way of adding new factions with a base for stats conversion.

Myself I found that in the vanilla computer game rules, units move too fast - infantry move same or more than the distance they can shoot, which is basically odd for simulation.
Imagine a situation where anyone could be charged over, without getting any chance to shoot. it's a rush. It's also the pace we have, and objectives are set with this in mind.
I tested 4 years ago the idea of less move, more range, in a test mod/campaign I made and imho it worked.
It might not come straight from tabletop, as well.
However it also needs some resilience for it to work, so I'll work on that too.

We''ll do that with a test map as you propose.
BTW I edited the thread's title, because using Community Ruleset can confuse people minds with the great Community Update already distributed.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:17 am
by deranzo
I have also modified my mod totally to 8th edition unit and weapon stats. But making balanced units and weapons need extensive testing.

I also suffer from unbalanced stats problems.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:41 pm
by Aekar
That's a very complex situation indeed Deranzo.
Only the community tests can help us have quality.
It's very hard.

Thank you Parallax for your upcoming help :)
I hope to put you in battletest situation ASAP and to strap you there until you are satisfied with blood and glory and tough decisions. :)

My direction here is actually not to translate the "latest" TT version.
I don't want to update anything because TT rules are updated, I only look for directions, contents, and fun simulation and strategy.
TT is by Games Worshop only, our rulesets are creations inspired by it, we don't have GW aim.

I felt that 4th, 5th to 6th editions are enough to bring out factions and content (I haven't delved much into 8th yet myself, heard it was streamlined though), and I am looking to further editions only if they provide new factions or update them with more content.
But you'll tell me if I am making mistakes on that point!


The Day One update is closing by.
I started with the Astra Militarum codex and added 66 weapons from it:
Battle Cannon
Bolt pistol
Chem cannon
Deathstrike missile
Demolisher Cannon
Demolition Charge
Earhshaker Cannon
Eradicator Nova Cannon
Executioner Plasma Cannon
Twin-linked Exterminator Autocannon
Frag Grenade
Grenade Launcher (Frag)
Grenade Launcher (Krak)
Grenadier Gauntlet
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Flamer
Heavy Stubber
Hellfury Missiles
Hellstrike Missiles
Hotshot Lasgun
Hotshot Laspistol
Hotshot Volley Gun
Hydra Autocannon
Inferno Cannon
Krak Grenade
Melta cannon
Frag Missile Launcher
Krak Missile Launcher
Flakk Missile Launcher
Multiple Rocket Pod
Taurox Battle Cannon
Taurox Gatling Cannon
Taurox Frag Missile Launcher
Taurox Krak Missile Launcher
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Gun
Plasma Pistol
Punisher Gatling Cannon
Ripper Gun
Sniper Rifle
Storm Bolter
Storm Eagle Rockets
Stormshard Mortar
Vanquisher Battle Cannon
Close Combat Weapon
Force Axe
Force Stave
Force Sword
Hunting Lance
Melta Bomb
Power Axe
Power Fist
Power Lance
Power Maul
Power Sword
Servo Arm
Vanilla weapons are kept.
These are new/reworked weapons with TAR rules.

I am now working with units.
After that there will be testing.

Fun and tough choices to make with the Command Squad already:
Units and variants are an exceptional challenge here... some choices must be made for unit variants.
hope these choices will provide directions about how to make unit variants for future units.

Slitherine guys must have had plenty of fun headaches while making decisions on how to port all these options :)

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:50 pm
by Aekar
Everything worked as expected:
new weapons, new units added, following new rules... and available ingame!

Next step is to release a campaign/scenario to feature the new units better.
Parallax please expect first playable version "around" this weekend.

Deranzo, I noted the new Traits you are releasing.
I will try to follow your releases, in terms of using your new traits etc.
There will be a community-update version and a vanilla-based version of this mod.

To follow your traits release: could you add a sticky in Mods and Scenario Design, mentioning the new traits available to modders?
I don't think it is mentioned here, it is only announced in global Armageddon forum but not here. That's why I missed the announcement.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:42 am
by Parallax
Aekar wrote:
Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:50 pm
Parallax please expect first playable version "around" this weekend
Got it :)

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (TAR rules) (restarted 2018)

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:51 am
by deranzo
Aekar wrote:
Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:50 pm
Deranzo, I noted the new Traits you are releasing.
I will try to follow your releases, in terms of using your new traits etc.
There will be a community-update version and a vanilla-based version of this mod.

To follow your traits release: could you add a sticky in Mods and Scenario Design, mentioning the new traits available to modders?
I don't think it is mentioned here, it is only announced in global Armageddon forum but not here. That's why I missed the announcement.
Done. You can find it in Stickies.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:55 pm
by Aekar
Thank you Deranzo! It's much easier now :)

I wrote a documentation mentioning current units and stats for the Astra Militarum.
(available here)
Parallax I mentioned you as tester :p

The documentation also mentions optional "Gentleman Rules" when fielding your units.
So far 8 units and 35 variants. (but I did not update their graphics yet)
Also, the documentation goes a bit further regarding a project I have for the campaigns.

Sorry for all these long messages and thing to read.

Currently implemented Unit list
(Astra Militarum)
Command Squads (HQ)
- Company Command Squad (5 men)
- Company Command (Close Combat) (5 men)
- Heavy Command Squad (5 men)
- Special Forces Command (5 men)
- Ordnance Command Squad (6 men)
- Heavy Ordnance Squad (6 men)
- Astropath Command Squad (6 men)

Infantry Platoon Command
- Platoon Command Squad (5 men)
- Platoon Command (Close Combat) (5 men)
- Platoon Flag Command (5 men)

Infantry Platoon
- Platoon Squad (10 men)
- Platoon Heavy Bolter (2 men)
- Platoon Heavy Flamer (2 men)
- Platoon Heavy Stubber (2 men)
- Platoon Autocannon (2 men)
- Platoon Lascannon (2 men)
- Platoon Melta Cannon (2 men)
- Platoon Plasma Cannon (2 men)
- Platoon Missile Launcher (Frakk AA) (2 men)
- Platoon Mortar (2 men)

- Conscripts Formation (20 men)
- Conscripts Large Formation (50 men)

- Veterans (10 men)
- Veterans (Shotguns) (10 men)
- Grenadiers Veterans (10 men)
- Demolitionists (10 men)

- Ogryns (3 units)
- Ogryns Large Formation (10 units)
- Bullgryns (3 units)
- Bullgryns Large Formation (10 units)
- Bullgryns Maul and Shield (3 units)
- Bullgryns Maul Formation (10 units)
All these units use the new weapons and stats system.
For instance they received Frag Grenades, Bayonets, and so much more.

Nothing to be proud about though, I still need to see if units are different enough.

but I think the modding features of Armageddon react well!
I will now make a few graphics update for these new units, and the test campaign.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:04 pm
by Parallax
Aekar wrote:
Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:55 pm
Parallax I mentioned you as tester :p

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:08 am
by Aekar
- Edited first post for clarity.
- Added DLC and no-DLC policy.
Sorry for all the "TLDR".

At the end of the day I have some extremely good news!

I added campaign, campaign branches, and the possibility for the player to pick his faction/legion for the campaign.
So far he may only pick the Imperial Guard, and then the Steel Legion, but it will grow :)

The player also chooses his brigade for the campaign:

- Infantry Brigade: starts with more infantry units and infantry heroes and officers.
- Armored Brigade: starts with some armored units.
- Cavarly Brigade: starts with more fast attack units.
- Mixed Brigade: has a mix of everything.

Your choice will also strongly determine your available Army List for the remainder of the campaign.
All choices lead to variety and many possibilities, but special units will be available only for specific brigades.
Things are also still looking good for a test release this weekend.
Modding worked really well in only two days.

I am soooo sorry for not having released that years ago.
Isn't there a saying to say "it's never too late"?

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:38 pm
by Aekar
- Updated documentation to 0.02 (available here).
- Made the first playable scenario.
- Tested first scenario, and made some stats adjustments (we have to force Indirect on all long ranged weapons or they won't fire at 5+ range, etc)
- Put and tested in the mod campaign customization, Army Lists and support for:

Steel Legion, 47th Infantry Regiment
Steel Legion, 273rd Armoured Regiment ('Steel Vultures')
Steel Legion, 16th Infantry/Fast Attack Regiment ('Tank Stormers')
Steel Legion, 116th Mechanized Regiment

Depending on player choice during the campaign, he will have a different army list in the carry-over campaign.
So far you should only pick the 47th Infantry Regiment however... I made only their units so far!

Some ingame screenshots below :)



Next steps:
- I must severely upgrade the campaign briefing (DONE)
- Then work on new units (transports etc) for the infantry brigade (DONE)
- Then update their graphics
(In progress, should complete it this sunday)

After that I'll send everything into your hands Parallax.

You'll be able to test the first scenario while being in control of the Steel Legion 47th Infantry Regiment.
Nothing so new on the faction iself, for that regiment, so you'll be able to give an opinion on the stats, behaviour, campaign, global impression, etc.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:14 pm
by deranzo
Hey Aekar you are doing great job to re-revive Armageddon :D

I want to ask you that do you know 3d static modelling to create completely new units like Knights? I don't know so I used miniature models found over internet in my mod.
Also, are you having briefing GUI problems? There was a problem in the earliest version of Community Version but I quickly fixed it. I wonder if you having somekind of problem about briefing screen dialog selection?

And I can be of help when you are modifying the mod to Community Version with new traits as with adding traits to which unit or weapon.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:56 pm
by Parallax
Aekar wrote:
Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:38 pm
After that I'll send everything into your hands Parallax.
I prefer to play very hard difficulty, don't forget to mention base difficulty of the mod :oops:

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:53 pm
by deranzo
Don't forget to use new cheats to test the mod more easily.
"give move" and "give attack" commands.

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:40 pm
by Aekar
Parallax said:
I prefer to play very hard difficulty
In that new scenario, AI wiped me off so easily on first test... :D
Now I am be tempted to send it to you like this... with a situation as explosive as a Holy Grenade :P

Expect a link this very sunday, I am only polishing now graphics and audio.
I'll look forward to your first impression (good or bad!).
Deranzo said:
I want to ask you that do you know 3d static modelling to create completely new units like Knights?
Unfortunately not.
Two years ago while making a DE campaign I used 2D figurine pictures and limited modifications to these pictures.
But I don't have a graphic artist profile.

The units I saw in your contents ( like here ) are really great!

About Community Version:
Thank you again for this work.
I'll test the scenario on Community Version and send you my feedback.

About bug reports, I added one to the topic here ( Armaggeddon forum: here ) and about traits I'll add request to the topic here ( on this forum: here ).
(edited for clarity)

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:49 pm
by Aekar
The campaign was sent to you, with a download link!
Reading the documentation above (mentioning in first post) is not required.

You will tell me of you find it stable enough.
I mean that I did not test it from the ZIP itself.
BTW I included the community modification about red lasers; it will overwrite Imperium's lasers to put them in red; you have to make sure to save the Graphics folder (in addition to "data") if you wants to place it back later.

If you find it stable and working, I will release this first version to the community
(it features first mission of first campaign)

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:21 pm
by Aekar
Today was a very hard day because of work on sounds (a few new sounds I made, but mostly just setting this up), animations, fixing the "attack" database list..

Now that this part is done, with a playable first scenario, I will focus on the following:

01. Unit graphics: I've contacted a number of mod creators on this forum, who created their mod years ago, so as to include their artworks with full credits.
I prefer to use good unit arts rather than to work on it myself. I've done a few units here, was easy because of 'Steel Legion', but I found my quality lacking...
I'll still have a LOT of units to do on the new legions and factions, and in advance I apologize for any lack of quality - it will await a proper artist to join me :D

02. Campaign next episodes

03. Some polish: new background images, sounds, etc.

04. Multiplayer version: the multiplayer version will allow to pick a regiment, just as in the campaign, and fight against AI/player playing another regiment.

05. Alternate campaigns and army lists: with the armoured regiment, the cavalry regiment or the mixed regiment. Their campaign involve another officer, new briefings, army lists, strategic options... !

06. More Imperial Guard factions - I listed 9 more legions I would like to put there - and their alternate campaigns.

07. And then ... Space Marines!

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:56 am
by Aekar
I updated first post with my roadmap.

Thank you Parallax for your report on first playthrough :)
All new imperial guard units have been added overnight but there remains so many unique units to do/sprites to do/refinements to do, I'll work on it.
(after some regular job today)

I find that so great to work in the W0K universe while waiting for Gladius :D

Re: [Mod] New Tabletop Armageddon Ruleset, Factions and Campaigns (restarted 2018)

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:55 am
by Aekar
I added tens of units and connected their weapons.
EDIT: They are *not* rolled in in the current playable scenario, they are for other brigades.

Now working on campaign upgrades, unit traits improvements (ie. making the community-upgrade version), before implementing the next scenarios.