Changing Language in CEaW (Grand Strategy)

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Changing Language in CEaW (Grand Strategy)

Post by kotenok » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:07 pm


today I purchased CEaW over the matrix homepage and installed it. I also installed the GS 3.0 (actually mistaking it first for a patch). Upon launching the game for the first time it asked me to choose my language and I - silly me, did choose German. I am a German native speaker, but I guess the translation was never even read by another native speaker. It closely reminded some google translation to a point, where it is often not easy - or even impossible - to understand the meaning of the text. Since my English is quite bad in writing (sorry for that) but also quite sufficient in reading, I wanted the next time to start the game in English.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. I tried to deinstall (deleting the entire folder) and reinstall - no success. I changed the entry in the various settings textfiles (language from the 0 to 1 and one time to 2) , also with no results. Obviously the game is saving this information somewhere else - outside the game folder? If this is right, does anyone knows why? And if you don´t mind my asking, why?
Actually I don´t mind to play the game in English since the translation is much worse ruining the fun by making me guessing all the time, what could be meant...


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Re: Changing Language in CEaW (Grand Strategy)

Post by VPaulus » Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:33 am

The game saves this information outside the game folder.
If you have Grand Strategy installed check the following folder
Documents\CEAW Grand Strategy 3.00
Inside there is a file named GS300_settings.txt. Open with Windows notepad and change the language to:

Before exiting don't forget to save the file. Otherwise it won't keep the edited parameter.
This is only if the game is starting with Grand Strategy installed.

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Re: Changing Language in CEaW (Grand Strategy)

Post by Peter Stauffenberg » Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:09 pm

GS v3.1 will have a much better German translation (done by one of the veteran GS players). The other languages except English, Norwegian and to some degree Spanish are not gone through by GS players. So I recommend using the English language.

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