Inflated costs for leaders

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Inflated costs for leaders

Post by Ironclad » Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:18 pm

In a game which has reached January 41, all leader costs have increased eg Zhukov 140, Manstein 140, Patton 110, Montgomery 100 and this is reflected across the board. Only noticed it last turn so I suspect its a recent occurrence. First time I have ever seen this and its not affecting another game I'm playing. I double checked by starting an AI game and both sides there had normal costs at start. Presumably a bug but a selective one. Any idea how to get rid of it so we can play out the game?

Peter Stauffenberg
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Re: Inflated costs for leaders

Post by Peter Stauffenberg » Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:03 pm

I have never seen that bug and it must be caused by some corruption in the save game. Similar to the strange bug where the game date is pushed 10 days back.

In GS v3.2 beta we are testing out cheaper leaders than in GS v3.1 using the following formula:
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* Purchase Commanders */
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* */
/* Formula: Cost = (commander quality - rr) * cq + ground attack * ga + ground defense * ga */
COMMANDER_RANGE_REDUCTION 2 /* rr in formula. 0..2 */
COMMANDER_QUALITY_COST 10 /* cq in formula. Cost per leader quality value */
COMMANDER_GROUND_ATTACK_COST 10 /* ga in formula. Cost per bonus ground attack points */
COMMANDER_GROUND_DEFENSE_COST 5 /* gd in formula. Cost per bonus ground defense points */
COMMANDER_MINIMUM_COST 5 /* Minimum cost of commander regardless of formula result */

Zhukov would e. g. cost 75 with the new formula. Patton would cost: 60 and Montgomery 55.

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