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Drive on Moscow Xbox one,

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 8:50 pm
by jamsman01
i have battle of the bulge and drive on moscow,both are great games, i was disappointed the "the drive on moscow" didnt start from day one of Barbarossa also it didnt include the whole front. i would like to see more of this system maybe poland, france etc. as whole countries including a new russian.

idea is maybe officer cards - you purchase "x" number of generals ( different traits) at the begining of campaign and attach them to a units during the campaign take a turn to reassign them to another units etc.
idea grand campaign 1939 - victory, after you defeat example poland you get victory points to add to your army before the next battle.

these being the first i have seen of this type of game on xbox,i hope its a huge success i want to see more on xbox just bigger maps and armies, i would think it is possible with todays consoles

everyone enjoy this great game