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Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:53 am
by madgamer2
What do you do? tear of the covers and underline the good parts. A guy could grow old waiting for an answer to a post here or on the steam forum. So let me cut to the chase:

1. Two out of the last three games as the south and I had at least two victory hex's and more VP's than the north and I got a "continue" from the game. I was told to send a save file which I have but can't play another game because I am not able to send the save file. I get to C:\user and there is NO AppData or any save file(I searched my HD and none showed. This in spite of me being able to find the save file on the previous game. It must be somewhere because each time I start my current game it runs the autosave so it must be on the system somewhere just not where it says it should be, I know it is somewhere on my HD because after my first couple of games I found it but I think it is not where it is supposed to be because now I can't find it at all but can start the game and continue with no problem.

2. If you bother to answer this post could you tell me how to use the manual save and not the autosave. Maybe I should contact Matrix as they are very good at helping.

Re: Buy books.../

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:48 am
by mboog12
Hey! Also answered on the steam discussion. The save folder has been moved to c:\Users\<user name>\Documents\My Games\Gettysburg TTT\ so that we have a more standard save file location, sorry for the misunderstanding. I've added the change to the log, but I guess it's not easily visible.

Also, for your second issue, you can save the game by going Menu->Save, and you get a standard save files window.
Hope it helps :)