Drive on Moscow version 1.06 Patchnotes

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Drive on Moscow version 1.06 Patchnotes

Post by Daniele » Fri Nov 04, 2016 4:00 pm

Hi everyone!

We have just released an update for Drive on Moscow!

You can download this update from here

version 1.06 Patchnotes
- Downloading a game while opponent claims it fixed (it caused a Multiplayer crash).
- "Sorry we were unable to notify your opponent by e-mail it was their turn." - This error will no longer appear while uploading a Multiplayer turn, since the upload has been successful.
- Added an Exit to Main Menu button in the Multiplayer Chat panel, so that if an upload error occurs multiple times, the player will be able to exit the game normally.
- Close button label from History and Help will now react and change color when pressed, as all others do.
- Ingame Multiplayer tooltip text will no longer overflow from the paper boundaries.
- Laptop touchpad zoom support added.
- Unopposed movement should no longer apply if the initial tile is not friendly and uncontested, as stated in the rules.
- All steam incremental achievements should work now. (Strategist, Destroyer, Hold the lines)
- Combat previews will now move left to right when clicked on. This helps with the combat windows obscuring the game.
- Briefing objectives will now display the current team's objectives.
- Replacements can now be assigned to units that are able to trace supply at that exact moment, instead of units that have supply.
- Soviets can now use Breakthrough during Snow turns, instead of Axis.
- Units that come from reinforcements and rebuilds now have the correct movement rules.
- Operation Barbarossa and Checkmate achievements will now trigger only in The Moscow Campaign, as stated in the description.
- Combat preview music can no longer be toggled by changing Music settings to ON, when no combat preview is active.
- Implemented rule, as stated in the manual: In the first two turns, Soviet units defending in spaces without a forest or city treat “30” or “70” results on the Retreat Table as “R” results.
- Axis deep penetration rule should now work according to the manual.

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Re: Drive on Moscow version 1.06 Patchnotes

Post by zakblood » Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:01 pm

thanks, just bought it and look forward to now playing it, thanks everyone 8)

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Re: Drive on Moscow version 1.06 Patchnotes

Post by AP514 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:19 pm

Woot ........... Thanks guys

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