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Desert Fox FAQ

Post by BradTSS » Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:18 pm

What systems will Desert Fox run on? Are there any plans to port the game to other platforms?
Desert Fox will run on any iPad or iPhone device running iOS 7.0 or later (this excludes the original iPad). Porting to other platforms such as Android or Windows Surface (or desktop systems like Mac OS X or Windows) would require a major redevelopment effort. While we don't rule out such a project for the future, we have no plans to do it.

Why only iOS 7?
One of the most common feature requests from Battle of the Bulge was improved Game Center chat. This requires system support that is only present in iOS 7.

How can I find opponents for Desert Fox?
You can play against the built-in AI or face to face against a friend, but if you'd like to find online opponents check this forum post. Or just start an online game against AUTOMATCH, which will auto-match against another player who did the same.

But the “Online” buttons are disabled!
Be sure you have a Game Center account and are logged in. (If necessary, use Game Center in the Settings app, to log out, then switch back to the game to log in.)

What happens if I send a Game Center turn without connectivity?
If you are playing on the train and enter a tunnel just as you’re completing your turn, the game saves it to transmit later.

How come I can’t invite a friend to play?
Your friend doesn’t need to own the game but if they have turned off Game Invites in their Game Center account, you will get an error message.

I should have earned an achievement, but didn’t!
Achievements are stored on Game Center, so you need to be sure you’re logged in to a Game Center account (see above).

The game is completely stuck!
If completely restarting the game doesn’t work (because it restores to the same point), find Moscow in the Settings app and disable Restore State. (You can turn it back on after you get back to the main menu.) At worst, you may need to delete the game and reinstall it (either from the App Store or by syncing). This will lose any AI or face-to-face game in progress, but will not affect Game Center.

How do I get news about the game?
One way is to follow the game on Twitter: @TSS_Bulge.

What does the game post to Twitter and Facebook?
If you tap the Share button, the game posts a screen shot to your Twitter feed or Facebook wall. With Facebook, you can also choose the audience and album.

We never post anything automatically, and you always get a chance to edit the post before sharing.

Why can’t I post to Twitter or Facebook?
Be sure you set up your account in the Settings app.

I have a question that was not on that list.
Please post about your issue on this forum, or visit the game’s Support page.

Desert Fox is great!
That isn’t a question. But please spread the word, through App Store ratings or reviews, using the Share button, inviting friends to play, or just shouting from the rooftop.

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Re: Desert Fox FAQ

Post by Ryvin » Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:45 am

I don't know which one is the right section of the forum (Is it possible to create new topics? Because I can't... or I miss something), anyway here some questions about rules and charts of desert fox grand campaign scenario:

1) Axis supply point: Roll to restore this point is the first thing of every week right? Then, I would like to know why on first day of 2 week (day 8) no points are restored for the Axis? In fact I started a grand campaign yesterday as the Axis and keep the initiative on day 5-7 expending all my starting 3 points (1 each day) then I thought that on 8 day some points were restored because first day of the new week... but I was wrong. So I have to forfeit the initiative to the CW. However from week 3 and so on the combat supply arrival was in effect as stated on the rule.

2) From week 3 as I stated on the previous point, the combat supply arrival work properly however one week I receive only 1 point... according to the combat supply arrival chart on the rule I thought that the minimum points was at least 2... Is there something I miss?

3) Changing subject and speaking about replacements: one player started an offensive on a two week-cycle, the offensive lasts for instance 5 days and each of these sides receive the allotted reinforcement for that day (Axis obviously roll the proper % linked to current week), what happens to the other replacements if the offensive stops after 5 days? Replacements from day 6-14 are lost? Because reinforcements and rebuild came all togheter on day 1 of the next cycle but replacements? As I can see from the game they are lost but I can't found anything about it on the rules...

4) Passage of time: What is the right meaning of the figures on the related chart? In fact I read numbers ranging from 1 to 6 but the time pass range from 30 minutes to 180 minutes each impulse so I figured that 1 to 6 means a multiple of 30 each so a 6 is 180 minutes and a 3 90 minutes???

Thanks for clarifying all these points, anyway really a great game!!!

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Corporal - Strongpoint
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Re: Desert Fox FAQ

Post by BradTSS » Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:57 am

HI Ryvin,

I should have locked this forum, sorry. I am going to move your questions to a new post.



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