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Battle Calculator

Post by s_Swing » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:18 am

I think it would be a great idea if somebody came up with a battle calculator similar to the one in-game, for this and the other 2. See the problem is sometimes you want to make moves but are unsure if it would even be worth it because of a potential attack from the enemy on the next turn. Say I got a 4 pip elite NZ inf and a 1/2 pip elite Free French inf unit in Kaponga, now I could possibly move them to El Quseir to block supply trace from axis units that have pushed to the south east. But, both El Beida and Abu Sheiba have 1/2 3rd recon, 2/6 104th PzG, and 3/5 pip 5th panzer all elite, and 2/5 Triest, 2/5 Littorio, and 3/5 Ariete respectably. What would be the chances of my 5 pips vs. their 6 pip elite combo, or 7 pip Italian combo? As hard as I've tried, using the tables in the rule books don't give much help, so I wonder if there's a specific mathematical forumula, or calculations/ calculator, that would give us a "what if" battle chance calculator for us grognards that like to think ahead? Anybody here think they could figure out the math?

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Re: Battle Calculator

Post by Ryvin » Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:36 am

I try to post my excel file with google drive. Link ... sp=sharing

In order to use this you have to fill the strenght of your units with the corresponding % to hit taking into accounts each bonus and malus (e.g. combined arms bonus, elite defense malus, armor/flak defense malus and so on). Than we have an average % to hit of each points of your units.

On the left you cross the total strenght (x value) with the minimal number of hits you would like to inflicts and you got a % to inflict at LEAST that number of hits on average.

Obviously calculating the average % to hits it is not a flawless calculation but give you an idea of what you have to expect from an attack. It is important you take into account each bonuses and malus before fill in the proper % and if the combat takes place on a deir or a ridge it is important to remember to deduct the proper terrain mitigation. (e.g. if you would like to know the % to inflict 5 hits on a deir you have to cross with 6 hits because one hit is soaked from the terrain).

Finally here an example of a battle: CW attacks with three units: 5 pips armor, 10 pips motorized infantry versus 3 axis units composed of: 4 pips Ariete, 5 pips elite mot. inf. and 2 pips flak. Attack occurs on week 15 so both CW combined arms bonuses and artillery dispersed bonuses are in effect (it is the first impulse of the day). Clear terrain.

So, we have for CW: Armor base % is 40. +10% artillery and +10% combined arms, however we have the following malus: -10% defending armor/flak but NOT elite infantry malus because only 5 out 11 pips are elite. In total we have: 40+10+10-10=50% for armor.

Infantry base % is 30. +10% artillery and +10% combined arms, however we have the following malus: -10% defending armor/flak but NOT elite infantry malus because only 5 out 11 pips are elite. In total we have: 30+10+10-10=40% for armor. Now we fill the excell file with 5 strenght with a % of 50, and with 10 strenghts with a % of 40.

Now on row 15 (highlighted in green) we have all % to inflict at LEAST that number of hits. For example there is a % of 85,91 to inflict at least 4 hits. And so on.

Hope it is clear because english it's not my native tongue.

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