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Using tankers

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:47 am
by peterw
I tested lately using tankers for getting bigger range for my warships and found out:
- Tankers can only transfer fuel after I disable the stealth mode. As I know this now it's OK for me.

- If you try to supply a fleet which need more fuel as the tanker has, some ships get all fuel they need, some get nothing.
I would prefer, if all ships get the same amount; but I can live with this.

- But in this case the tanker has no fuel at all left for itself.
IMHO a feature is needed for saving some fuel for the tanker itself.
Then the tanker can fly back to an own planet and come again to supply the rest of my warships.

Hint: I think I've read the last point somewhere else in this forum.
I use Polaris Sector V1.02. But it seems the same in V1.04 too.

Greetings, Peter

I've done some more tests and I found an exploit/cheat which I use as workaround now:
If your tanker is in stealth mode you can try an illegal re-fuel from the enemy planet; so far no cheating.

But if you are not successful, the tanker gets visible and can't try it again.
The exploit is to merge and unmerge with your other fleet. After this the tanker is in stealth mode again and you can try the illegal refuel again...
Then I send the tanker to one of my planets (to limit the cheat).

Nevertheless a feature for 'reserve fuel for the tanker' is still useful. In this way no exploit is needed.

Re: Using tankers

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:00 pm
by JocaRamiro
My workaround is to build a refueling module into the tanker. this way, it gradually gets its fuel back.